It isn't over yet! (Lefors)

Coming in with basically 0 real-game experience against the best passing defence in the league, Lefors played fairly well. The o-line was getting dominated all game long and didn't really give Lefors anytime to throw deep or even make completions at all(without great difficulty anyways). With an extra week of practice getting reps with the first string offence I am pretty positive that he will play a lot better next week.

Lefors had a pretty successful college career, hopefully he can translate this to the CFL with some more practice and experience. Because as it stands now, I'm doubting whether we'll see Ray at all the rest of this season. Let's just wait for the official announcement and hope for the best. [url=] ... sville.htm[/url]

it was good that he didn't panic and make bad decisions the way Chang did when he was thrust into the game for the Cats, or Smith seemingly done for CGY with his 5 INTs. But as I said in the main forum, this team seems to live or die by the Ray-Tucker connection, perhaps because the coaching since 2005 has left just them together to make something out of nothing....