It Isn't Easy Being Greene

But it shure did look it against the Argos :slight_smile:

He’s been named the Offencive Player of the week for his performance…
Way to go Nealon, hope he keeps it up.

Go Riders!!

–What was the final score in that game, I forget…

Ya know I kinda found that strange.
Offensive player of the week awarded to the losing QB.

Kind of a slap in the face to Damon Allen dont you thik

Cue the Burris retalliation.

shure?! offencive?! who is this?

You wanna start something? I couldn’t care how I spell on here, people use things like GTA LOL WTG blah blah blah…

Wanna comment on words??? hows about you post your address and I’ll book a vacation to the neighborhood and we’ll have a little chat?

Go back to your Quote UNQUOTE BADLANDS…

Easy there mitt, dont get excited.
Its just that people are taken more seriousley if they spell properly.

Oh chill out, Mitt. It was a joke. Even I could see that.

…jaysus mitt, take your meds…

Calm down, mitt. Have some dip.

And they wonder why there’s a bit of backlash at SOME of the Rider posters on here?

yeah, i spell one word and i get hammered, im guessing so do alot of people…just relax

…I’m thinking that two words per sentence is an allowable quota…so someone like RnR would need to spell correctly for like a year to make up for his errors…

Too bad that doesn’t apply to accurate reporting. Marty York would be banned here for life. :lol:

fan voted things have their place…and… GREEN…deserves that honour…but…it doesn’t have any meaning in the standings…but if it continues…it could have…the HAM./…SASK…game , will answer many ???

And the William Shatner posting award goes to… :lol: (j/k)

That must have been a joke. Greene? He looks mediocre at best.

I have to admit, Greene and the Rider offence did light up the Argo D for a while last Saturday, but like hellothere said, it depends on how he fairs the rest of the season (see: B.C., Edmonton, Montreal)

I don’t exactly see Ricky Ray doing anything too earth shattering in Edmonton either. Nealon is performing above mediocre as of right now he’s on of the most efficient Quarterbacks in the CFL in terms of Time of Possesion, Completion Percentage, TD Passes, and Turnovers (only 1 tipped interception). Ricky Ray sure seemed to shut down in Montreal near the end of the game, that last sack he took almost lost Edmonton the game then and there (althogh in retrospect it wouldn’t have mattered).

Ricky Ray not impressive, what do ya want…500 yards a game? sure he had a tough 2nd half in montreal…but he’s done better than Greene

Wait a minute. . .how many yards does Ray have? Now maybe he’s not shattering planets, but Ray shutting down? C’mon. . .