It Is Tough Refraining From "Giving Up" When...

Listening to the TEAM 1040 after Friday (Aug.21) night's debacle, several players on the Lions openly admitted to "giving up" themselves.

Does a supposed professional football player, paid an honest salary, give up on his teammates and the fans? Perhaps it the salaries themselves that has "forced the hand" of players to say "we're not going to take it anymore" !?!? I mention this as a long-time fan friend of mine has heard, from a former BC Lion, that allegedly, given the large amount of cuts of veteran players (and proven leadership as well)...

Some players on the team are promised huge bonuses (in order to get them to sign with the team) in the final year(s) of their contracts only to be suspiciously cut in an effort that seems to be about saving money and keep within the team's budget. This can be considered "smart fiscal accounting" on one hand and ruthless disposal of team on the other...regardless of what any player has or hasn't done in the community or how much their leadership means to the team. Then again, the same person in charge of the supposed "smart accounting practices" has paid a certain concussion-prone (known BEFORE the season already) and unproven QB the marquee salary of what I can only guess to be about $CAN 350,000. Money-wise, why would you bust your butt for much, much less than what you should be making? Anyhow, cast money aside for the reason the Lions decided to QUIT sometime in the EARLY 2nd half last night...

The Lions CLEARLY made ZERO DEFENSIVE halftime coaching adjustments to the Bombers basic overall threat in Fred Reid. And, as for offensive schemes...first or second half of the game, the Lions continue to be HIGHLY PREDICTABLE and stagnant. This was evident by the fact ALL other teams know that "in a pinch" any Lions QB is going to probably be looking for either Paris Jackson or Geroy Simon. How many times, last night, did Jackson telegraph passes to Geroy only to have them knocked down or picked off. Was I the only to notice that even Geroy, one of my all-time favourite receivers and a "shoe-in" for the CFL Hall-Of-Fame, has started to give up on breaking up sure interceptions or come back for the ball. This is our same favourite who does the "Superman pose" as a celebration saying that the Kryptonite may have finally gotten to me?? Uh-oh...

As this post is getting way too long, I'll leave everyone with a thought about the I like numbers.

When was the last, high school, junior, college, university or professional football...

That 1 running back amasses 260 yards and a team as a whole has 400 yards in rushing...let alone their passing yards added in?? This just, just does not or shouldn't happen...unless the team has packed it in. If this is the case, then there's nothing that Coach Buono or our beloved owner, Mr. Braley can do with this bunch. :frowning: :cry:

Who said they out right gave up on the radio? I missed most of the post game on the train unfortunately.

The Lions are a very immature team that has no leadership and is more focussed on other issues such as woman, partying and clubbing and other business opportunities rather than Football..

I saw them when they were at the airport heading to TORONTO for the game. Only GEROY looked like he was going on a TRIP to play football. Other players were dancing in the SUBWAY lineup and talking about the ROXY in Vancouver and what clubs they were going to visit on Wednesday night in toronto. One player told me "Its going to get ugly on Wednesday night in Toronto"

Coaches were on thier own, not talking to any players, there were these little groups of players hanging out, it was obvious that the younger players primarily were focussed on partying a lot.

So this is my theory on what happens to the LIONS--

It has seemed that for some reason the LIONS play much much better on the road. They seem to win most of the time on the road and win BIG on the road.
It would appear to me that because the are on the road they are more focussed on football and actually play better.

At home living in VAN there is just too much stuff to do in the city. This is why I think Toronto might also be very bad at home.

It appears obvious that the problem with the LIONS is that thier games are all on Friday night at HOME. The players are likely solely focussed on partying, clubbing, and their weekends with their families.

You can tell that the effort is just not there. During the week the players are likely hiking, chilling, going to the beach and enjoying the weather. Its hard for 42 players to put in a collective effort when you live in this city and have so many young players--

The salaries are too low for players to care about football. It has came to that, and the only way it will change is if at least 2 players ARE CUT after the loss to the BOMBERS. Players are going to play shit if they are allowed to and they are not going to be CUT--

Coaching is certaintly an issue but the players have to try also.

No offense, but this theory falls apart when you consider that the Alouettes have no trouble winning games at home in Montreal.

You know what I was thinking about that my friend, but MTL also has a very veteran team that has been together for a while.

Jim POPP brings in players who want to play and they have senior leaders like CALVILLO, CAHOON, CHIU, that are ready to retire, and they want to WIN A GREY CUP BADLY-

ALso Mark TRESTMAN is a perfectionist so he demands that players show up and are not hungover and partying too much.

The ALS organization will cut a player like JARREY PEYTON who was a club promoter while in MTL, they told him to WALK pretty quick when they knew he was not 100% on football.

MTL recruting is unreal, they have players who are great, and the competition is intense to make this team--

SLOTBACK SJ GREEN was not even startign or playing until this year and he is likely their 2nd or 3rd best receiver..

So the comparisons end there my friend-----

BC had success in the past, but they had LEADERS on the team who wanted to play-- Otis Floyd, Jamal Johnson, guys like that could party but they would SHOW up on game day--

The guys the Lions have now are not STARTERS- That is why they look so unmotivated, beacuse they know they dont belong in the CFL--

In a city where there is nothing to do, the players are more focussed on football, Vancvouer has been having such a good summer, and with no SENIOR leaders LIKE FLOYD to yell at players, all hell has broken loose--

Certaintly if this BC team was playing in SASK or Nunavat they would perform better. Right now I get the feeling that they feel like they are underpaid and deserve the pay cheque but they dont want to play at all.

Lets give Winnipeg some credit here , I think they could have beaten anyone on Friday . they played a heck of a game and I think they played for their Coach who's days were numbered .
These guys are Professionals and will get better . My take is the Lions need a better QB to take the Offence to the next level , I dont see it happening with Buck or Jarious.