It is the Coaching

Lets take a second and think back to 2009. It ended on a sour note but for the most part our O and D clicked, special teams sucked but that coach is gone thank the Football Gods. 2010 new OC Doug Barrie (yes it is spelled wrong, just fits better) arrives. First thing I said was why would we want the former head coach of the BB?? and what is one of his first acts?? Lets release a potential franchise QB (Drew Tate). Calgary now says that in the next 2/3 years he will be the new face of the club! But no fear we now have the one eye brow wonder as our back up. Anyone remember his performance in the 2007 Grey Cup? WHY? Oh ya he is Barrie's buddy. Amazingly 2010 started out pretty good 4-0 (because we were still using the old O) then we start to see the start of the Barrie O. All over the map to say the least honestly we were lucky to get into the big show a second year in a row. At least when we lost this time to a team that was better in some respects at least on that day. This year we see a Special team turn around they are looking good, our D is coming around but took some heavy blows with the loss of some key leaders I wish we could have won it for them. However Simpson is killing it and is fun to watch the D is going to be just fine especially now that I think Richie has swallowed his pride and realized he is just not head coach material. Then there is Barrie and his O WOW what a joke and this all falls on Barrie's shoulders. What about Marshall look at his body language on the side lines, he looks like a 12 year old that didn't get his cake. Get your head in the game Marshall you are supposed to be a leader. A place that the players look too for inspiration. Get the marbles out of your mouth a deliver a Austin style speech to get these guys going. In typical SK fashion everyone gets more chances to fail then they deserve. Given the chance Barrie would not be at the game tonight. I would look at possibly the Canuck Truck or like I have seen in another post Ham or Damon to take over the OC role. Marshal would be put on notice. There is a reason why Barrie in not a head coach anymore and there is a reason why Marshall was passed over as many times as he has been for Head Coaching roles. Take a chance on some new blood and for all those DD none believers out there don't forget what Austin said about Darian "He will be one of the best in the league some day" and if we had kept Tate we could have had a quality QB to fill DD place when he is ready to retire. Why is this seemingly so simple for us to figure out. Rider fans are tired of politically correct reasons and excuses for not swinging the AXE. We understand that we can't be a championship team every year but it would be nice if we were at least competitive. We are already seeing the gate numbers in decline and Ill bet that our merchandise dollars are going to be down as well. Get it together or risk everything.

So you want Szarka, Tracy Ham, or Damon Allen to coach our offense. None of who have any coaching experience. Give me a break. At least come up with a reasonable idea.
And as for Tate, you want him around so he can replace Durant when Durant retires?? You realize that that might be 10 years or more away right. Do you really think Tate would have stuck around that long? Plus by that Time Tate would be almost retiring. Durant is only 2 years older than Tate.

Also please learn how to use the Enter/Return better, it is just easier to read, and I think everyone would appreciate it. Otherwise welcome to the site and keep posting, all opinions are welcome and wanted, they just aren't always agreed with :lol:

I aint readin that

The bottom line with this coaching staff is there is no PROVEN winners on it. Greg Marshall is not a PROVEN head coach, he has been passed on by many other teams in the CFL for a head coaching position. If he was head coach material he would have already been one. He might be a little like RICH STUBLER or Ritchie Hall , Coordinators that were successfull in the CFL as coordinators but not as HEAD COACHES--

Marshall fits in with the OLD BOYS club of coaching and the CULTURE in Saskatchewan which is to HIRE PROVEN guys in the CFL as coaches despite the fact that the coaches they are hiring are CURRENTLY not great coordinators--

I was at the BC- SASK game in BC and it was painfull to watch the SASK OFFENSE- Its Durant takes a shotgun snap, no movement, no imagination and either DRESSLER OR GETZLAF running a 40 yard deep CORNER-- Teams are aware that this is SASKS only play pretty much--
Play #2- Screen pass or dump off to HUGHES which worked last week--

Sask is playing with CIS talent type of receivers currently- Some of the SASK receivers look very shaky and not really confident, Durant is the same DURANT except he has NO PLAYMAKERS to help him out. Fantuz makes DRESSLER as the defense is focussed on FANTUZ--
GEtzlaf is a solid #4 option as a receiver but not a #1 or #2 receiving option as everyone is finding out with his drops.

Doug Berry imo the game has passed him by, you cannot expect to complete 40 yard passes, your offense will suffer 2 and outs all game long if that is your approach--

RITCHIE HALL- This man was successfull in the past, but know this, this is not an AGGRESSIVE coordinator, he does not like to BLITZ and is content with the other team moving the ball all day playing ZONE on a BIG CFL FIELD with no PASS RUSH vs smart QB's--
Ritchie Hall is getting badly burned by every offensive coordinator- Crandell tore him apart, Chapdelaine also, Khari JOnes abused his defense--
Ritchie's mentality is bend but dont break, but with the arrival of TRESTMAN and HUFFNAGEL they are perfectly suited to burn a RITCHIE HALL Defense as their offenses can move the ball 10 yards at a time, which is what HALL is daring you to do-
Doesent take a genius to figure out that teams that BLITZ Montreal Qb Calvillo a lot like Hamilton beat Montreal and even SASK with pressure HIT and knocked Calvillo out of the game- On the other hand look at the ARGOS and SASK who sit back in ZONE and get picked apart by Calvillo and all 3 teams lost badly to Montreal. You need to attack the opposing QB and not let him sit back with a perfect pocket and no one near him and allow him 4 seconds to go through 3 reads and make an easy completion- This is obvious but Ritchie Hall sits back and thinks other QBS are going to throw high school interceptions into his weak zones--
IF Ritchie Hall was so good with Defense, when he went to Edmonton last season Edmonton was BRUTAL on defense, CGY scored over 50 points twice on them, and this year HALL's defense is giving up more than 30 points on quite a few occasions this season-

Greg Marshall- Nothing to really judge the guy on other than the fact he is 1-5 but due to a LACK of talent and injuries and NFL signings- However he appears to me to be distant and not really INVOLVEd or in tune with whats going on, He looks a little lost and unsure of what to do on the sidelines-- marshall is a good coordinator but looks like he is not a good coach-
You look at Huffnagel and Trestman and the good coaches, they are all involved, meticulous, and in control, it looks like TAMAN hired Marshall as he can be a puppet and a potential FALL GUY if the team is struggling--

Marshall quite simply is not in Trestman's Huffnagel's, Lapolice's league- These are smart innovative X and O's type of guys, Marshall is not that GUY-- BERRY is not that guy- Berry is designing plays in the mid 90's that worked in the CFL- Ritchie Hall has failed to adjust to more pressure packages and a more aggressive approach as a Defensive coordinator because he is a SOFTIE- and he will always be the GUY WHO REACTS to the offensive coordinator rather than the GUY who is the AGGRESSOR--

I wouldnt be schocked if TAMAN's plan is to hire weak coaches and then start firing them one after another to save his POSITION? If this is not the case then TAMAN is out of touch with the current CFL and the COACHING personnel needed to win in this league--

how long do you give Durant before you start to look elsewhere?

:thup: I think your assessement is pretty much bang on.

Yes it is the coaching!

Enter and space noted!

It is not a matter of how much longer we give DD. It is how much longer until we give DD a OC that knows what the hell he is doing.

Ya I guess I never thought that DD was that young. Bottom line we could have hung onto Tate for another year and tried to get some value for the guy! At least with the One Eye Brow Wonder we can deal him to Ottawa next year.

As for someone to replace Barrie??? At least with Szarka or Damon we would have someone that understands the O of today a little better. It would not come with out risk but at least we could grow someone into that role and really how about you give me a break........... could they really do any worse???

I have a 12 year old Daughter that could do a better job!

Berrie hasn't a clue!! He needs to go, at least to show that this organization gives a S#*t. :cowboy:

I don't think retired players are the answer. We need to hire a position coach from another team or even promote one of our position coaches i.e. QB coach, RB coach or WR coach, somebody that knows the Offense to finish the season, then at the end of the season bring in somebody from another team.


I agree with you. But I don't think either Berry or Hall are getting the job done, and between them, they are quickly losing this team in the locker room. Way too much mutual ass-covering, excuse-making, and old boys club stuff going on here. I wouldn't hang all this stuff on Taman necessicarily either, because Miller has plenty of say about these coaching assignments, and I think he likes experienced types on his staff as long as they are telling him what he likes to hear. He is also fiercely loyal to the "men in the locker room", and that also includes coaches. So don't expect too many coaching changes before the offseason, and even then I'm not sure he will be willing to pull the trigger on any of these coaches.

that would be nice, but it is pretty tough to take somebody from another team mid-season. As for looking internally:
Bob Dyce - Receivers Coach - he can't get his receivers on the same page and holding balls...I have to question that choice.

Craig Dickenson - ST co - too new to our system, too new period.

Steve Buratto - OL coach - perhaps...he does have the experience, and excelled in Baltimore. I am more than confident that there will be high objections to this from posters, especially due to his time as a HC

Bill MacDermott - RB coach - don't know a pile about him, but he to is new to the club

Alex Smith - LB coach - he is a D guy

Mike Walker - DL coach - not enough experience, he is a D guy

So...not a pile of options internally.

Buratto was the OC in Toronto who took a scrambling quarterback (Kerry Joseph) and tried to make him a pocket-passer. Sound familiar? :wink:

He wouldn't be my choice for SSK OC.

After watcing BC's offensive troubles last night I suggest a trade might be in order - JC for DB. :wink:

LOL, that's funny. Perhaps we could throw in a bag of footballs to sweeten the deal. Methinks BC still has some O-line problems, but I thought they had improved that. Three 1-6 teams fighting for the last playoff spot. We need to win our fair share of those head-to-head games, and that starts next week in Toronto, then we have Toronto back here later, and BC here twice. Time to start winning some home games as well. Just win!! GO RIDERS!! :thup:

Like I said, I knew there would be objection...and frankly, I agree. Just going through the existing coaching staff.

I am really getting tired of our coaches saying they don’t know what is going on and that they don’t know what to do to improve things. Richie Hall said in the LP on Monday that if he had the answers he would be rich - well you’re getting paid to have the answers - you may not get rich but you will be out of a job if you don’t figure things out soon. It is very disheartening to hear the coaches - who are supposed to lead and motivate the players - to talk openly like this. It doesn’t give me much hope for the rest of the season.

What's Danny Barrett doing these days? Maybe he's ready for a return to the CFL.

An outside-the-box option might be Marcus Brady, currently the receivers coach in Montreal. Though his starting QB is a pocket-passer, he also works with the backup Adrian McPherson, who shares a similar skill set with Darian Durant. I have no idea if Marcus is ready and willing to become an OC -- it's just a thought.

Surely you jest. Not in a million years would he want to come back here.