It is over

Told you that BC would not survive their trip to Edmonton still undefeated.


I gotta say. It looked like A great game, but Edmonton outplayed BC all game and more then deserved that win, and a chance is that BC will struggle to get goin again and might a couple more. Way to go edmonton.

It really amazes me how you can try to justify an 8-4 team vs an 11-1 team.

Granted the Eskies are doing well but to stand there an thump your chests because you beat BC is quite comical.

No one expected them to go 18-0 so why is beating them the event of the century?

good call ro1313. I don't think anyone really thought the Lions would go 18-0 and if you did then you don't watch the CFL enough. In the same token, Esks now have bragging rights for stopping the undefeated Lions. Esks were the better team and hopefully this will wake up the Lions so they will finally put games away.

i didn't expect them to go 18-0 but i was hoping for a better plaed game then i saw last night....everything on the offence looked disorganized and the D didn't seem to do much. I think i would havetaken the loss much better if they put a fight, after EDM scored on the kick off BC seemed to give up. The receiver didn't seem put the effort into some of the plays...i saw a couple to #81 that if he would have dove for he would have caught.....i just feel the effort wasn't there. let hope they get that out of there system and try to clinch the west....i want to see them in the final again

I have to agree with that, Simon, among others, just didn't seem to be working as hard as they have in previous games. Not only did the Eskies deserve the win, the Leos deserved the loss with the way they played yesterday.

That being said, I believe the loss was a wakeup call for the Leos, and I am hoping that they will be back to their normal form next Sat against the Riders.

Imagine playing under a dome wear it's all about the teams, instead oif playing on supirior feilds where the weather can make the better team lose

Argos_fever Status: Offline Posted: Sep 25, 2005 - 02:27 PM

Imagine playing under a dome wear it's all about the teams, instead oif playing on supirior feilds where the weather can make the better team lose

Are you trying to smoke that stuff that TO plays in Rogers Center. Saturday night the better team was Edmonton. They held Warren to under 50 yards for the game, by the way that is know just over 100 yards for 2 games one of which was in a dome. Tthe special teams played a lot better then BCs, TNT's touchdown being the turning point. The Esks finnaly put together 60 minutes, which they have not done all year.
Finnally I have a hard time accepting critism from a guy whose team could not convert 1 and goal from the 1 yard line.
TO and BC wish they could play on a field as good as that all year round.


i can't believe this...i'm going to agree with budha!!

Yup, I'm going to agree with Budha too!

Edmonton made us pay for that first interception, and their special teams rose to the occasion.

Budha forgot one thing. Edmonton's level of intensity rose for this game. I made a road trip to see this game, and the Eskie fans sitting around us pointed it out. They said this was the highest level of intensity shown by their team. Edmonton came ready to play. I don't know if this was evident on the TV screen or not.

It was evident, and it was evident that the Lions did not come out with any real intensity.

This was the best game that Edmonton has played all year. This is the team that we as fans expected to see from opening day. MAybe the Calgary game was the wake up call that we badly needed. My main concern now is the possible let down for Friday night. You beat the team with the best record in the league and then you have to play the team with the worst record. BAd things can diffinatly happen.
BC better start playing again or the Riders might make it 5 in row.