It is officially Austin

Good bye running game.

I heard this was "breaking news" at midnight on Sportsnet. I'm concerned, naturally, since he's held no Head Coaching positions elsewhere, and the last time we did this (read: Barrett), it didn't go so well, in my opinion. I guess the wait and see approach will have to do now.....but if he thinks he can get by on a passing offence with the quarterbacks/receivers we have, he's gonna get a rude awakening.

.....that said, I'm not sure I'm overly thrilled to have another buddy-buddy coach/GM duo again.....

I worry that Kent can't blame the concusions anymore... He's going to have to rely on actual performance. Best of luck, I think you'll need it!

All good points jm02. I have a wait and see attitude. To be honest, I thought Tillman might have gone after some one with Head Coaching experience. Who knows, maybe he'll surprise us all and will do fine as Head Coach.

When DB came in with all his rooks they all grew together coach and player we had no real expectations but now I do. As a fan i want wins with a balanced attack not a Qb with int. records. I hope Tillman knows that we want results not to be reminded of time gone.

I think that this has got to be the biggest fix in CFL history... I mean, the moment Eric Tillman was hired, everyone new who the next Rider coach was going to be... I dunno whether i agree with this hirig or not...

I agree that Austin was a throwing QB. He could and would launch a lot of deep bombs BUT in the most successful year (1989) remember that we had a running back named Tim McCray that rushed for over 1400 yds. Obviously it was not all passing that year!

Obviously he forgot about the run with Ricky and John in his backfields last year lol...

I agree with jm, i HAVE TO take the wait and see attitude.. however my first impressions were "oh fer fudge sake"... Why didnt cortez get the position ?? ARG!!! - well theres always next year :frowning:

Even though I stated in a previous post that Austin wouldn't return to Riderville, I was proved wrong. I'm getting excited with what I heard on Rogers Sportsnet when Austin was interviewed by the radio guy from the FAN 590 (Bob what's his name). For Austin to go on the record and call KK the "Most Versatile back in the CFL" might be what KK needs to hear to return. I don't expect wholesale changes, but what would you say about Jurasin returning as Cortez' replacement as line coach! My engine is revving for June!

Doesn't matter who we got Cortez, Ritchie, Austin all of them would have been criticized it's all we do is criticize people here. Only when the Grey Cup is won will we say something good about a coach/quarterback, and even then we'll probably boo them out eventually. Wait...we already did that to Austin. I guess DB got off lucky but then again we never had a home playoff game to boo him out in hahahaha

I cant see how we can go wrong, our offence was way to predictable with DB as head coach he chose to be uninvolved, and he was a QB , makes no sense, we cant expect success throwing 6 yard passes, maybe Austin will stretch the feild out, as long as Joseph learns how to pick up the 3rd receiver. INNOVATION is what is needed in my opinion and there is no doubt that we will see a more advanced offence under Austin. the season has not started yet and people are allready thinkin Austin can't get it done rewind the tape, it can't get any worse offensively

What the hell are you talking about... Danny Barrett was the offensive coordinator for 2 seasons... But he decided that it was more important to focus 100% on the team as opposed to donating some time to just the offence...

I take back some of my harsh early critism. I think UnrealRiders, and EyezintheSkyz have openend my eyes.

Last year there was a primary route each passing play. All other reciever routes wern’t designed with enough imagination, inguienity or any creativity at all. This is one aspect of the game ( backside reciever routes ) I can almost garuentee Austin WILL improve upon. And I know it doesn’t sound like much, but having that will be a HUGE :thup: in my books. ( Now KJ just needs to learn to go down his checklist, and we will be ok )

Once again Go easy on him he hasn't started season yet obviously he wants to start fresh
Think before you post.

HEY! watch what you say Kerry Joseph=Great
Matt Dominguez=Great Andy fantuz=Very great Jason Armstead=Great and If kenton gets his hands on the ball in the passing game forget about catching him.