It is official...

I feel like my initiation into the Tiger-Cat family is complete. I had to slip into Toronto today. I wore my jersey, hat and yellow shorts.

Well, a number of Argo fans gave me flack. I even had one guy trott over to my car as I was stopped at a red light. He wanted to make sure I had a Tiger-Cat jersey on. Then he told me how dreadful Monday's game was and ribbed me anyway.

Funny thing...but strutting down streets in Toronto with my Tiger gear was something I relished. "With all due respect Argo fans--in your face!"

Go Cats! See you Friday!!


I'd be careful with that. I've seen Argo fans attack Ti-cat fans. I know somebody who got the crap kicked out of him at the Skydome and I witnessed another guy at Exhibition Stadium who had all his Ti-cat shirt and shorts ripped right off. He was left in his underwear only.

Pathetic. The stupidity of human beings never ceases to amaze me. It's a silly game and entertainment yet people get so riled up. I witnessed a few tough guy incidents on Labour Day this year as well. No physical altercations but guys with too many beers in them trying to intimidate people.

I've been going to Toronto for the last 3 years when the Cats have played and besides a few fans giving it to you, I have had no problems.

I find that the Labour Day crowd is different, (mostly because of too much alcohol).

There just aren't that many Argo fans in Toronto. There aren't a lot of hardcore, diehard fans.

Last year, when the Cats won, they didn't say a peep.


You can wear any team colors in Toronto..
On any given day you see all sorts of baseball football and hockey clothing ... Do not make it out tobe a bunch of immature mongoloids going around hunting for people wearing another city's sports logo. People here really thinks Toronto has some real big thing with Hamilton and that is not true .. the truth really is they don't really give a rat's behind. I've lived in both city's long enough and see more stuff from Hamilton than i have ever seen in Toronto about each others city.

Of all the games i seen and been to .. from the old exhibition stadium to the rogers center the only time i have seen something actually bad happen was brought on by that persons own actions. Sure a little verbal taunting but hey that's normal but any physical stuff not unlessit was either alcohol induced or was spurred by both parties.

After those two words, your post completely lost my interest. Very classy post. :roll:

I've been on the receiving end of some not-so-good natured ribbing in Toronto a few times and sometimes it is good natured and fun, but knowing a lot of people who live or have lived in Toronto. They are much more dismissive and negative about Hamilton than we are about Toronto and NOBODY is going to tell me any different. Kudos to the original poster :smiley: I'm sure it felt great

Nothing Like going into Enemy Territory in Black and Gold
Looking forward to Friday :thup:

I'd agree with dismissive.. but negative? ya probably if you call not caring negative .. the fact that you rambled on kinda proved my point tho

Was he, by any chance, a member of New Kids on the Block?

Dude, I live in enemy territory, and I wear Black & Gold. I am not afraid to travel on the TTC wearing my Ti-Cat jersey from Scarborough down to Union Station to catch the QEW Express bus to Hamilton for game and back again, and not once have I been ridiculed for it in person. Mind you, I haven't really ran into any of my former seat mates at SkyDump since I made the complete switch this season. I think that'll probably change come October 23rd.

I live in Toronto in the Annex and make the trek to games on the TTC to Union for the QEW Express GO Bus in my full Ti-Cats gear. I have never once been heckled and in fact am acknowledged more often by other displaced Hamiltonians than Argo fans.

Toronto is generally passionless and daft when it comes to sports save perhaps the 20,000 who venture to BMO Field for TFC. I have a #82 Flutie sweater and get asked questions like, "I didn't know Doug Flutie played for Hamilton?"

Argos Suck!

There was a playoff game there a number of years ago that certainly had a lot of 'passion'.
Ask the poor souls on that bus that got attacked with the fire extinguisher. Or the cops loading up the paddy wagons.

That day was as rough as I've seen anywhere for being in enemy territory. Certainly got (or was close to being) out of hand.

Looking forward to firday.

I imagine most Torontonians would not be able to identify the team you are supporting. They would probably assume it's some team out of Pittsburgh.

I would even go so far as to say that most Torontonians would not be able to correctly identify an Argos jersey either. This is not to say that they are stupid, but rather that they have not been exposed to the CFL for one reason or another.

So true, wore my Ticats jersey to a Jays game, and got a comment from a 'hipster' behind me in the seats talking about how the Steelers sucked....I turned around and looked and he talked about how the Cards were gonna beat us....

I usually in Toronto for work like 3 times a week so I'm there alot, and I never had anyone say anything when I was wearing my cats jersey. (Even wore it to a few Jays games.. no comments) I fly the ticats car flag sometimes and never any weird looks or comments.

My Montreal Canadiens jersey on the other hand... gets many comments (none very nice) and Ive gone through 4 montreal car flags... they keep getting broken when i park in that city for some reason. :lol:

That city does not give a crap about the argos lol, TFC has more passionate fans out there than the boatmen.

I think Torontos attitude toward our rivalry has definately died down. Back in the days of Exhibition stadium, if you walked around with your ticat gear. It would have been different. Nowadays its not as big for them. Unfortunately I dont think the CFL is big in Toronto, compared to the Leafs, Jays, and maybe the NFL going there??

Back in Hamilton, I believe we care a lot about the rivalry. Definately a big difference, going to a Toronto/ Hamilton game in the Hammer.

8) You can take the Jays out of that equation also !!! :roll:

Yah, I suppose so. Toronto FC fans are more passionate then the Jay fans nowadays.

I worked in Downtown TO for 7 years and never took any flack from anyone who knew I was from Hamilton or when I wore 'Cats gear. Almost everyone I worked with or met was from somewhere else from Hamilton to Barrie to Oshawa. Even when there were Argo cheerleaders at Bay and King handing out discount Argo ticket coupons and I said "no thanks I'm a Ti-Cat fan" I got a blank stare back.

Never had any problems at the Ex or Skydome when I've gone to games there we give Argo fans a rougher ride than they give us.

The truth of the matter is football is a sport, it is entertainment and a load of fun. However I honestly do not like it when some fans take their passions for their teams to extremes. I do not mind kidding around and having fun. But mean-spirited stuff--it is not for me nor do I engage in it. Actually the phrase that I used "in your face" is not a phrase that I characteristically use. But even though I chose to write that I was smiling as I wrote it. I was not trying to be disrespectful or arrogant. One drawback about going on-line is that the person's facial expression, his body language even is not seen by those who read a post. The tone of the person's post/words can be misinterpreted. 'Smilies' do not cut it really. They can help but do not convey the genuine sentiments behind a comment.

When I was at the Ex I was sitting on a bench waiting for my wife to re-join me as she was browsing through a tent featuring DVD's. From behind me I heard someone say Oskie-we-we... It got my immediate attention and I turned my head around to see who it was who had spoken. Although the guy that said it did not speak to me he was laughing and talking to his companions. He had been amused by my quick response to the chant. It was like a dog responding to a can opener!

I have not encountered any genuine mean-spirited comments or threats. It has been pretty much good natured kidding. I like that. I like to joke around too. An office worker, a construction worker, a cook, a fellow member at the YMCA--they all groaned that day and said things like, "Hamilton? Hamilton?! You got to be kidding!" But then they commented on the Labor Day Classic and did not sound too hopeful about tomorrow night. The guy who came over to my car as I was stopped at a red light told me that he had been at the game Monday, that it had been awful and figured Friday would be just as bad.

I want to get a flag for my car. A friend of mine had the flag of Brazil torn off his car during a World Cup game. He had been parked outside an English pub--go figure.

No, I do not really hate the Argos and its fans. But I sure do not want them to win--ever!