It is offical : GREY CUP coming to TORONTO:2007

well almost , and it could be coming back again before , 2012 :smiley:

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Wow.. That's some nice risk taking to do. Buying the rights to the game at between 3 and 4 M$ to make between 4 and 5 M$. You gotta make sure you market it right if ya don't want to lose your shirt.

By the way, I think it was an intelligent move from Tom Wright to add such opportunity in the deal that brought Sokolowsky in. If such a bonus can draw interest from good businessmen, then I say go for it. Bring them in. The CFL need owners committed to fielding a good product. Sokolowsky seems like a good owner to me.

I think it will be very interesting to see if Toronto can pull off a parade and true Grey Cup party atmosphere, particularly if the Argos aren't in it, and show that it can be a party town and fun atmosphere not just with the Leafs and a baseball championship thing, "just" a Canadian thing if you will.
It will be a huge test for the city to see if they can do a party "Canadian only style" if you will, and prove to the rest of Canada that they only want to party with leagues with American teams mostly . I will be there for sure (my swimming pool installed this year will be paid off hopefully by then)!

And forgot to mention that Ottawa, despite not having a parade, did a great job last year without their team in the playoffs even and with the ownership situation all confused at the time. Good on Ottawa!

Toronto is a Canadian town ?

fall from chair

I will be there , with my wife.YES! I don’t care who is in it. I am a CFL FAN!
The ARGOS would be nice.

I was there in 1989 , arguible the best GREY CUP , ever PLAYED.

I was there in 1992 , CAGARY’S year , with FLUTIE.

We'll talk about this after the Grey Cup in Van and Winn... This year, Vancouver. Next year, WINNIPEG! Might be my first Grey Cup if I go next year in '06. :!:

B.C and VANCOUVER are certainly doing a great job.

Great article!!!! Looking forward to the official announcement. From what I can see, Third and Ten, you're right about Sokolowski's ownership of the team. He and Cynamon seem to really care about the team and the city. I think that has a lot to do with the increased attendance in each of the last 2 seasons (not the only factor, I'm sure).
BleedBlue&Gold: Do everything you can to get to Winnipeg's game next's an awesome experience.

they will get the 95th and the 100th

I'm pretty sure I'll be going. Since I live in Winnipeg... this is something I cannot miss.

If there is one party/event you MUST try and get tickets to during the Grey Cup Festival, its the "Spirit of Edmonton" breakfast. I've heard its the best (and probably only legal) excuse to get drunk off your @$$ in the morning. And since the game's in Winnipeg next year, you need any excuse possible to keep warm.

it is the best.BUT get your tickets early.