it is now 11:47

it is now 11:47 pm and the tiger-cats have yet to delcar there final roster either they are takeing this down to the wire or there just takeing a while to tell the media

id be surprised if we saw anything tonight... this is the CFL, id like to hear them tonight but id be shocked if we heard it by noon tomorrow :slight_smile:


Maybe the envelope in Carnac's hand is stuck LOL

Scouring the various CFL pages...

Oski Wee Wee,

do u think they are done with the cuts.

They have to Send them by Midnight.
But I could See them Waiting Till After They Announce the Team Before posting it to or

yea for sure

I can't wait!

Waiting! LOL

Maybe if they leaked out a syllable per hour... LMAO :wink:

And now, introducing the CFL's newest communications employee, a passenger pigeon!

Wait...I hear it pining for the fjords too! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: << something for your reading edification while we wait. ;)

Oski Wee Vigil for a few more minutes,

Tip of the hat goes to Crash, who wins a vat of CFL.CA LONG PASSES MOLASSES for correctly identifying the nub of the problem here. LOL

I will bid you folks adieu until the morning. I'm fresh out of Orville Redenbacher Nuke Popcorn from the last papal election.... :wink:

Catch you tomorrow when the hard facts are in.

Oski Wee Wee,

They probably don't want to make anything public before the Street Fest this morning.

it now 9:08 and i am still waiting

This is more than just a little bit annoying. I waited ALL DAY yesterday and still nothin'

I'm not sure of our exact plans for announcing these, but with over 20 players to let go, the GM and coaching staff have been busy this weekend.

The delay is likely to be for the simple reason that they want to be able to talk to each of the players affected before talking to you guys.

But I'll ask and let you know.

Cheers, Bob.

Come on Mitchell and Desjardins! Lets have the news please.

Your first allegiance should be to the folks who patronize the team in the stands and on this site.

You've got information that we are waiting for and you're not enhancing your image by this delay.

Even if your information is incomplete, which I doubt, its past the time that you should be sending the members of this site what you have.

Unless my powers of recollection are getting seriously skewed, I believe in 2004, the final roster was announced at the Gage Park event where they introduced each player one by one.....I don't recall seeing a list before the event began....

To me, that's a cool way to do it so maybe that's what they are doing Streetfest

Plus it gives those who were cut enough hours to tell their family and friends before the list appears on the CFL or Ticats websites.

At any rate, good luck to those who were released.....I'm sure we'll see some of them back at some point.

None of the CFL teams have released their final rosters... some made initial cuts but thats it.

I think its just a matter of the CFL being the CFL.

Mikey, it might be a cool way for fans that can make the Streetfest. Obviously all of the players have been told by now. For the rest of the Ticat Nation this is just plain silly.