I see various media attempting to perpetuate this silliness and it needs to stop.

Uhhhh.... okay. Hasn't expanded to Cambridge.

ofcoarse it's not a doughnut box, it's the coffee grounds! :lol:

If it was the donut box you would think there would be a decafe coffee and real Tim Horton's donuts to be had. Mope just the same poor excuse for coffee and food being offered. Maybe next year?

For some unknown reason, people in the media think they have to come up with all these goofy ways to try and communicate a sports term differently. Hence the "doughnut box"...when Tim Horton's field is what it should always be referred as.
On the fifth quarter the other night, a caller was complaining about the terminology used by our play by play man. I have to admit I agreed with him. I can't stand it when a minute thirty is called a "buck thirty". That's irritating...I know some like it but not me...just my opinion...neither right nor wrong.

Perhaps creative license goes too far from time to time but the caller on the 5th Quarter was out to lunch. He complained about Rick Zamperin's use of "period" instead of "quarter" and "centre line" instead of the "55 yard line".

The caller should have asked himself what the big painted "C" at Tim Hortons Field stands for. And from the official rule book:

"Rule 1, Section 7, Article 2 – Playing & Rest Periods: The length of game shall be 60 minutes of actual playing time, divided into FOUR PERIODS of 15 minutes each."

Look, language in sports like language in general is better when its nuanced and varied. It would get really boring and robotic if sports media personalities didn't change things up.

Rick Zamperin is a good play-by-play man:

"Touchdown! Touchdown Cats!"

Considering the sponsor, I thought it meant “coffee”. As for “the “doughnut box”” - that IS horrible. It won’t take long before it changes to “The Litter Box”…

Is and will always be THF any attempt to call it anything but is just lame and yes agree about the C at center field line :slight_smile:

I was going to say something but then I started thinking about donuts, and now I'm hungry....

It was a real grind sitting though the last game at The Coffee Grounds. :thup:

Ha ha!! grind and grounds.

I don't mind "the Donut Box." It's just a nickname.

I am so anti-tim hortons that THF wil always mean Ti-Cats Home Field to me. But people always come up with silly nicnames for everything ..can't get away from it just don't use it in your vocabulary

Maybe they should use coffee grounds instead of the rubber pellets in the turf. That way, the players would LOOK like they played on real grass... lol

Saw it coming. Don't like it, but I still call it Ivor Wynne so doesn't much matter to me :lol:

For now, we can call it "Hawaii" becausue the Ti-Cats are 5-0 at home.

Personally I don’t care what the media calls it as long as opposing teams call it the place to have their team and plans wrecked

What even stumps me further about certain reporters insistence on calling it the 'Donut Box' is the term itself. Does anybody ever actually use the term 'donut box' . 'Box of Donuts' - yes I've heard - but 'Donut Box'?

When Vancouver's arena was called GM Place 'The Garage' was a reasonable nickname as is calling the ACC - 'the hangar' - because those terms are used for describing where you park a car or plane.

But does anybody actually say 'Donut Box' when they buy a half dozen donuts? Or do I live a donut sheltered life? lol

Tell Coach Reinebold.

He tweets that stupid name all the time on his Twitter account.

Please make it stop.

Call it the Tiger Cage as long as you don't call it The Hamilton Cream like a "Boston Cream" could imply something totally different??

Going with that, can we call Filer's beard "The Cruller"?