It is just a game!!!

Hello all you fans of the CFL.
You know I come on this site and I hear how much of a B$%ch I am.Or somebody threatening to kill me.Or how people think other peoples post suck.
I think of how lucky we are.
There is no floods around us.
We got freedom of speech.
No wars.Well not yet!!!
So when you think of things to be posted.
Remember this site is for fun.
God bless everyone.

You just came to this realization now? oh right your an Argo fan my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

lol Karma rocks

You want to know how many death threats I have got Zubzero/
Lets put it this way.I'm glad I moved to Edmonton!!LOL/

Ah're secretly Paul McCallum. You just gave it away. KK do you think it could be ture?

death threats? Over football? ok people tone down on the passion we don't need to kill anyone!

Its probably those same rider fans that put horse excrement on McCallums driveway, stop it your giving us a bad name!

You have a good name?LOL.
No, I can't say all rider fans are bad!!!
Not too bright I would say about rider fans.However not bad!!!

Death threats cannot be taken lightly. I suggest you contact a moderator or CFLpm if this continues.

Thanks Roughy.
It hasn't been in awhile.Well at least 3 months ago.It was on the old site.
Cant remember who it was.
My point is.
I know I pi$$ alot of rider fans off.
I know their weekness.
I'm Saskatchewan made!!!
It doesn't bother me if I have been called a red neck.Or inbred.
I have never said I wasn't proud to be from Saskatchewan.
You have to make fun of yourself.
When I call rider fans banjo pickin inbreds.It is a joke.
Just have fun!!!

You've now insulted the banjo pickin inbreds of the world suggesting they come from Saskatchewan.

some take this site way to seriously.

How so?

And Ric Flair gets in the Low Blow! This feud isn’t over! I will take you out on Pay Per View! your ball grabbing days are over!


but this topic title reminds me of a song called “more than a game”, unforturally, I can’t find the lyrics. :cry:

saskargo--- you and I know this side is just for fun- some others have not understood that yet. Keep smacking Saskargo- I am aware this is all just in jest!!! And, you are right, although it is far from perfect here in Canada, I would not live anywhere else in the world. Still, my Riders are gonna make mincemeat (i mean turkeymeat) of your OLD ARGOS!!!