it is interesting I tell ya

if montreal and Hamilton both win, then all 4 east teams at 3-2. I am guessing Ott should then be considered first place by virtue of divisional record.

by the same reckoning, I am guessing Toronto would be 4th.

no guess as to how whoever would be in second

edit, guess montreal because they won the only game they and Hamilton played head to head.....I think

To be honest I’m not sure how it works then. In head-to-head, Ottawa has beaten Montreal, Montreal has beaten Hamilton, and if Hamilton wins Monday, then Hamilton will have beaten Toronto. For me then it would be Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton and then Toronto would be battling Winnipeg for the crossover spot… :lol:

or Calgary :slight_smile:

you used a different path to the same conclusion. we must be right :wink: