It is Dylan Attack's 19th BIRTHDAY

Dylan is the big fella who patrols the sidelines.

I mean the one who occasionally scampers out to the field
to provide all important water to the Tiger Cat players.

The big day is tomorrow but I want to
wish him A HAPPY BIRTHDAY tonight

otherwise he wouldn't be able to read my wishes
until he comes back on the train tomorrow night.

Those who know and love our special pal

and anyone else who wants
to wish him Happy Birthday

why not lay it on him tonight?

8) Hey, Happy Birthday Dylan (pottingerfan) !!
Wow, 19  !!!  You're an old man now !!

Best of wishes old buddy, have a good one !!!!   <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

I think Dylan works for the Bulldogs too. Keep up the great work buddy and Happy B-Day!

thank's ronfromtigertown,and thanks tipper :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Dylan!
19....last year as a teen!

OMG 19. Now I feel old.

Happy b-day, son. Keep up the great work and remember to behave yourself.

Have a great day!!

Big D Happy B-Day ..
We need to buy him a beer

Happy Birthday Buddy! :rockin:

Happy 19th Birthday Dylan!

Enjoy your day, but behave yourself in Montreal!!


Happy Birhtday Dylan!

Happy Birthday, Dylan.

Next beer is on me!

Happy Birthday Dylan

May the Cats help make your day special by beating the Als. Have a great day.

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