It has Been a Long While...

Since I was annoyed by the narrowly spaced seats...
Since the seating was messed up everywhere by people who can't tell what row they're in...
Since it was really hard to walk in the street after a game....
Since I had no room to spread out...

In other words, since there were 30k+ in the stands.

I loved it. :smiley:

It was great!

I love having room to move around.
Being able to put my feet up on the seats in front of me.
Not having to get up to let people walk by.

But I couldn't agree more, nothing beats a sold out stadium making noise when our defense is on the field.

What was the attendance at the game today? And what was the noise level like? On TV...the noise didn't seem as overwhelming as the noise levels from Mosaic Stadium during Rider games. (Just my opinion)

I was at the game so it sounded loud but its always hard to tell when your the one making the noise. Saying that there wasn't really a time where we needed to be crazy loud.

The announced attendance was 30,319.

Official attendance 30,319.

It was good and loud, the crowd was definately into it.

I was there and thought the noise level was pretty wimpy most of the time. Nothing like the playoff game versus BC last year.

I would agree it wasn't that loud, but didn't think it was horrible.
My section was a lot louder than usual but that was because there were 3 drunk guys right behind me making noise.

Usually the crowd gets really into it and loud in the 4th quarter but today we were so in control that I think most people didn't think they needed to do anything.

I was sitting a few rows up from the Argos, and I thought things were quite lively there. 8)

Actually, i think we have amongst the most un-educated fans in the league which is a shame.
Sitting in box F, I was given the death stare from an older woman because i was being loud when the blue team
had the ball early in the 1st.(WHICH I'M SURE SHE DID'NT APPRECIATE MY COMMENT) I would like to think i did my part in trying to be loud. We need to plant
educated fans in every section of the stadium to teach these people.

I was doing some heavy facepalms when the crowd got extremely loud when our O was on and Toronto was loving it.Then on top of that the pioneer cheer things and everything were always when the offense went on the field.The crowd was quiet most of the game and I was pretty disappointed.But then in the 4th we got loud and that made things better :slight_smile:

Well I'm not sure about that, however, there are a whole lot of fans that need to be educated about not walking to and from their seat WHILE THE GAME IS IN PLAY!!!

Seriously, how many times today was my view of the field blocked while some blockhead was walking past in front of me.




Do today's fans feel entitled to walk around at any time regardless?

Where does this sense of entitlement come from?

I am embarrassed if I ever accidently block someones view of the play.

Isn't this just common sense?

Is it time for IWS event staff to control the flow of people in and out of their seats, similar to what is done in other arenas - stadia?

Same here. Some drunk guys beside me were yelling "Argos Suck" everytime we were on offence.

8) Boy, how right you are, "r4758".
 Throughout the whole game, there were people standing on the aisle steps, and walking in and out of their seats

  while the play was going on, completely oblivious to the fact they were blocking peoples view !!

  As you say, it is almost like they think they are completely entitled to do this, whenever they want to.

  I will say that the people doing this in our section were not regular season ticket holders.  They were people that just

  show up for one game a year, that being Labour Day.   It was beyond a joke at times !!

  As for the crowd noise, I have heard it much louder when there are just 22,000 fans at the games.      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->