It finally makes sense!

After watching Ken Miller do everything in his power to lose tonights game, last years Grey Cup finally makes some sense.

The man is simply too stupid to count to 13!

Ok, he has brain farts every now and again :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the irony here, of a guy calling himself "VoiceofReason" making a comment like that!

There is a reason for every thing, but the question needs to be asked. What was Miller thinking. Three plays that are beyond comprhension.

  1. He wastes his first half challenge on a pass ruled incomplete that if successful would have resulted in a Saskatchewan fumble.

  2. He makes the decision to punt rather than go for a field goal, putting the game into OT.

  3. He goes for a 2 point convert that had it not been for Nik Lewis tripping over his own feet would and should have resulted in a loss.

The only saving grace for Miller is that his luck exceeds his decisions making skills. Even the most avid Rider fan if they were honest would have to say they were questioning Millers sanity.

You have to go for a 2pt convert in OT. It's the rules.

Thank you, I had forgotten about that rule change, I will now stand in the corner in shame for questioning. I was waching the game in a non sports bar that had no sound and everybody I was watching with missed that as well.

Number 1 and 2 still stand though.

I still say it's better than Huffer trying to challenge a play that you can't actually challenge.

Dressler had the ball pinned against the Calgary player, and then they were all going to the ground and his knee touched the ground just before the ball came loose. That would make him down by contact IF you rule that he even had control of the ball. Down by 7 at the start of the game, you might as well take that challenge. I think it was a good decision.

Not that it really matters one way or another.

The worst part about the attempted punt was that on the prior play they lost a few yards moving the ball to the center of the field to make the field goal easier, and thus making it a more difficult punt.

Had he won the challenge it would have been a completed pass for Sask. The fumble occured after the reciever was down by contact.

1 out of 3 ain’t bad though.

......yes, Miller has finally drifted into senility....he should be fired and Daley elevated to headman immediately :wink: :thup:

Your post doesn't make sense, because only 12 men are allowed on the field... someone needs to brush up on their Canadian football rules... :roll:

He has many of these comments.

Some memories are obviously too painful. If Miller could count to 13 he obviously would have realized he had 1 too many on the field for the last play of his last game last year. Or have you surpressed the last 2 plays in the '09 Grey Cup? :roll:

Fixed that for you... :expressionless:

Not trying to rub it in. I'm an Argo fan so seeing Montreal win really hurt. And I have a soft spot for the Riders, I lived in Moose Jaw for 2 years 10 months and 11 days (but who's counting).