It figures that Kent Austin would leave after 1 year,...

Afterall this is the Saskatchewan Roughriders! Everytime something great happens to this team, we get screwed the next year...

numerous times we have had awesome things happen to this team and then they're gone!

Why really shouldn't be surprised by this move. :roll:

This isn't getting screwed. People really need to get over this. It's not that big of a deal.

You guys will actually have the honour of a Trivia Question Answer:

Name the only CFL Head Coach to NEVER lose a Grey Cup game?

Guess it's back to the basement for the Riders. Oh well. You guys had a good run.

... :expressionless:

I doubt it as long as Machoochee is in Edmonton that basement is reserved. :lol: :lol:

The only way the Riders will end up in the basement is if Machoka finds his way too become the Rider head coach. From where I stand it appears that Edmonton have that spot wrapped up for a couple more years.

If this is getting screwed to you, then you have had an easy life.

When you employ good people, others want them too, it's life.

kinda does suck for you guys, in my opinion kent austin was the best thing u guys had going for ur team. I stated while watching you guys beat BC in the west semi "our biggest challange in Toronto is beating Kent Austin." Next year the repeat is out of the question but hopefully they can find another highly reated replacement.

I wish Kent Austin and his family all the best!!! He is a class act. Thanks Kent for helping Rider Nation acheive their dream!!!!

Im with Jman RICHIE HALL for head coach anyone who feels screwed or betrayed by Austin is a saskatchawhiner Austin came and taught and the Riders listened GO RIDERS GO

We're not getting screwed. Tillman has had more to do with our suceess than Austin. I'm not taking anything away from Kent, he did great. But seriously, Tillman is the key. He will find a suitable replacement. I'd like to see Tom Higgins here, personally. I'm not so certain Hall is head coach material.

Of course you are. :lol:

GeneTheMachine no you dont. Richie all the way!

Out of the question??? because we lost our coach? You realize that we just won it with a first year coach who had no recent affiliation with the team. And now you say we have no chance? hahaha you're just mad that we beat you and that WE ARE THE GREY CUP CHAMPIONS (that just doesn't get old)

I’ve always like the word affiliate or any words originating from it. Rolls off the tongue nicely lol

I agree, Richie all the way. I think even Tillman may have been suggesting that whith his comments of looking internally. Hall too is a legend, but the only thing that scares me is that he is great as the D.C. and I believe the theory, if it isn;t broken, don't fix it.

Now if anyone mentions Higgins........

If Richie Hall takes over as coach we will be fighting the Esks for the basement. It will mirror a Danny Barret coached team, we will have an inept offence again and I don't believe our Defence is capable of stealing us games like they used to with Omar, Sandman, Bush etc..Kornegay, Justin and Lucas are not guys you can count on to go out there and win you games. Our passing game would go in the tank and we would be run heavy again which just won't cut it IMO. I have never liked how Hall always has his secondary backed off 15 yards off the ball every play, yet his run Defence is stellar and when we get to the playoffs he seems to tighten up the coverage just enough. However it was also his stupid prevent D that lost us the game when Paul shanked that FG in BC so you take your ups with your downs I suppose. I think he should stay D Co-ordinator and stick to what he knows best. He seems to have enough on his plate with that. My guess is that if Hall coaches we don't win more than 6 games next year. I would love nothing more than for him to prove me wrong and make me eat crow but I just think it will be deja vu with DB even though Roy Shivers is gone. Hope I'm Wrong! GO RIDERS GO!!