It doesn't matter what QB you playthis whole team needs work

You can play MAAS or CHANG it dosen't matter we
will still lose. The team is full of rookies and
they are making metal mistakes. and it will take
a while to fix this problem.say NEXT YEAR.

But the play calling and lack of use of good talent
is a coaching problem which needs to be addressed. :cowboy:

I agree that this was a team collapse. No TiCat covered himself in glory tonight except maybe Ralph (and I’ve been one of his biggest critics). Not a single TD again!!! and the D was picked apart like a starving man on a KFC chicken leg.

Yes, there are a lot of rookies on this team but that’s not the whole problem. True, they haven’t been together very long but the bigger problem is that the talent level overall is mediocre. The Swiss cheese secondary has way too many holes in it. The receivers are still not good enough. The O-line can neither pass block well or open holes for the backs with any consistency. The QB is ineffective. The D-line can’t pressure opposing QBs. Etc, etc. My guess is that of the current team just 5 or 6 guys will be here two years from now (assuming they aren’t traded, take free agency, try the NFL, etc.). Setta, McKay-Loescher, Moreno, Lumsden and probably Chang. The rest are just interchangeable parts—put a guy in, take a guy out—makes no real difference. That’s way too many guys who are just filling spots and that’s why you get a 1-7 start.

An Argo-Cat fan

I see it slightly different Barney. I think our Defence started the game very well. i thought our D-line put pressure on Calvillo early. But after being out there for 3/4 of the game they tired. Our Defence can only do so much. If our offence can't sustain drives our defence eventually falls apart. I don't even want to get into the offence because everyone knows where I think the problem lies there. No sense beating a dead horse.

KFC, Swiss Cheese…I’m hungry.

tcfan, I hope you're right about the D. You're more optimistic than me I guess. I would suggest that anyone playing D for the Cats ask to be paid by the hour though. :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan

By the hour they are all millionaires

Even though the defence didnt play great. Our problem, obviously is the offense. And Maas definately shouldnt start next week. How many times can you come up with nothing in the red zone??
I think the defense just got tired out there. I don`t even now the difference on time of possession but I think it was in a huge favour to Montreal.

I think the defense is just plain tired of being on the field all the time. I think the defense is all discouraged knowing that there is no support on offence. On offence, there are so many two and outs. The defense doesnt get a break!! I think the jig is up with Maass arm, the guy can`t throw the long ball.Period.

Taafe should just come to his senses and just start Chang next week. Who knows how he will do, but at least theyre trying something different and maybe we can all watch a pass over 20 yards.
Go Chang!!!!!

I agree with Barney, our secondary has been
moved about alot and new additions like clark
has made it unstable.
But what do you think of the inexperience
of the offensive co-ordinator.(the lack
of use of some receivers,lumsden etc.

The Cats will continue to be woeful until they get rid of the penalties.
Hamilton gave up more than 100 yards in penalties again this game.

It wouldn't matter if they had Joe Montana at QB.
This team will continue to lose until they get more disciplined and focused

None of us will know whether we will still lose if Maas is pulled and Chang (or anyone else) becomes the QB because this coaching staff has the blinders on for some reason.
All I know is that this team needs a drastic why not change starting QB's to see what happens. Chang looks like he is confident and fired up as soon as he heads out onto the field. He looks confident as soon as the ball is snapped.
I would rather take a chance and lose a couple of games with with him at QB because this offence needs a spark to make them bear down and play harder and smarter.

What bothers me is the continuing rotation or shuffling of players on defense. Every week someone new is brought in or someone is moved to another position. How can any of these players gel with each other if there's constant change?