It doesn't matter that Printers is injured

Printers is going to get injured that's the type of QB he is. This season was long over before he arrived. He's here now, playing or not. Let him heal for three weeks and learn the playbook. This is the time to get Williams and Chang some real playing time.

Next year we are going to be a force. When Printers starts he will set the league on fire...and...he will get injured. We will have two young and well-prepared QB's waiting in the wings to carry us until Printers heals. That's just the way it's going to be.

Don't be too sad. Treat this season as one long...long...evaluation camp. Things are looking can't get much worse.
Cats forever!

williams looking better than printers anyhow. we got a real good expensive backup...lucky us!

Didn't see this coming...

Printers had a hamstring issue in KC training camp. Hope it's only a tweak.

I'm very pleased Williams is the #2. We've got a guy who can ball if Casey gets hurt.

Oski Wee Wee,

Williams showed great composure tonight and rallyed the offence into a pretty good showing.

I didn't expect him to come along so good after seeing him make a few mistakes in Exhibition but he is really making a name for himself here in the hammer.

I`m wondering with B.C, did Printers have an injury problems? Hopefully not, I really think Printers wants to play as much as possible and get back into the rythm of things.

This game showed a mobile QB whether Casey or Richie is what we need. They keep the defense on there toes.

I was ok with Williams coming in tonight based on his past performances this year and his knowledge of the play book. As Coach Taaffe said, Printers still only knows 41% of it. I'd be ok watching both of them work the rest of the season.

Yes, the year after his MVP season in B.C. he missed most of the next year.
Printers had surgery on his right hallux (big toe)in the offseason after his MVP year. With Printers recovering, Dickenson won the starting job and led the team to an 11-0 start. Printers took over as starter after Dickenson was injured in the 13th game. After the 11-0 start, the Lions lost six of their last seven regular season games with Printers at the helm.

So Printers was 1-6 in his last CFL term, after the team was 11-0 without him.......HMMMMMMMMMMM

One could say that Williams is our Jarious Jackson :slight_smile:

Williams moved the ball very good last night!Dont ever think we dont need printers or chang!They are all going to be a very good quarterback situation for us once they all get in sink!

Why did they pay $500,000 for damaged goods???
Having the Highest payed player/backup QB is great isn’t it???
With so many other holes to fill that was not a smart move IMO.

He was good to go last week. He dd have a slight hamstring pull in Chiefs traning camp. I wouldn't classify him as "damaged goods."

If Printers can play next game, he will start. Be clear on that. It would be only his third game with the offense. It will take some weeks to work out the progression systems used in it.

As for filling holes, they brought in Keith, Bradley will be back, Cavka may get a look soon, and I think Tiller has won his spot. Getting Jesse and Jason back last night definitely helped as well.

A lot of positives from last night!

Oski Wee Wee,

There's no proof at all that he was damaged goods when he arrived and even his current injury doesn't appear to very serious.

I'm sure he's probably hurting some today but even last night he had the ice off it and was walking just fine by games end.