It comes down to one guy and that's the QB

Ok, we can blame the O-line, the recievers the D whatever, but it's clear to me that it's the QB that makes or breaks a team, especially in the CFL. I do not intend to make this a Maas bashing thread, but anyone who pretends that the Ticat problems over the last several years is not tied to the QB is fooling themselves. Without a Good QB a team is going nowhere. Do you think Toronto would be in a five-game losing skid if Bishop was in there. Don't think so.
Some here want to blame our 1-7 recornd on another rebuilding year for the Cats. I'll give three losses to rebuilding and the rest to an ineffective quarterback. And I just don't mean his inability to pass more than five yards. I'm talking leadership, respect everything that makes up a winning QB.
I don't think the Cats are a 1-7 team right now. With the right QB, even a 'rookie' like Chang they are a 4-4 team or a 3-5 team.
I predict that if Chang starts Monday, you will see a change in this team. They might not win (in fact they probably won't) but we'll see glimpses of what this team could and will be during that game and I think we'll be pleasanly surprised.
That is if Taaffe has the courage to finally do what he said he would.

Maas as starting QB threads still on the first page:

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Do we really need another?

I agree, we have tried everything this year except a change at QB. If you have a QB with quick feet and a strong arm you can make your o-line and receivers look great. If the defence has to spread out to contain a QB you open up the running game and we have one of the best backs in the league.