It can't get much worse.

0 points scored in the second half, offense wasn't moving the ball, 2 Highsnaps, turnovers. Can't do much worse than that right? If this is the way we are playing, do we really deserve a playoff spot? We better bounce back big against BC or even if we do crossover we will have huge problems making it past the first round. Now is the time to step it up!

Send Greene to beat BC in the last game like we did in 2003 to get us in the playoffs at least. :frowning:

My own opinion here.....nothing else.....based on their second half play today, the Riders 100% do not deserve to be in the playoffs, and if they play crap like that, they won't be there. Having to hope Ottawa doesn't win out is no way to make the post-season.....with how BC played this weekend, I'm concerned going there in two weeks.....

.....that being said, I'm still cheering them on, and I'm not giving up on my team.....

IMO we deserve playoffs over Ottawa. So they beat us with some luck, but did Ottawa beat Edmonton, BC, or Toronto? A lousy team has to make the playoffs some year, and I think we should be it. We got 6th place last year and still have a chance to go 9-9 again so at least we haven't gotten any worse.

agreed jm02, they better beat BC or no way in hell do they deserve the spot.

Ill still cheer for them, but i will have lost some faith.

I know rider fans always get trashed for whining about the refs but was this last game for real. Even the Calgary coach and Burris admitted that the refs made a few horrible calls and seemed to be favoring Calgary. They wouldn't admit that the calls had an influence on the game, but seriously. How can any team be expected to continue to give everything they have when every time they reverse the momentum the refs give Calgary another shot at it.

And no Rider post game thread would be complete with out a post like this.
Now the question is , will a whole thread like this still appear?

For this game, Dave Yule and his reffing staff should not be allowed anywhere near the Grey Cup. He is a senior official, and to be manupulated by Burris twice, he should be fired. But saying this, it is not why the Riders lost. Calgary didn't score any offensive touchdowns. Once again good performance by the defence, Marcel and his offence screwed it up for us again, and he should not be coaching in this league. Barret should not be coaching in this league for accepting this every week. Barret said last week Crandell executed the gameplan, and he will probably say it again this week. So it must be the gameplan. If Marcell cannot put together a good one, and Barret cannot show him different plays, they should both be fired.

You have to admit the roughing the passer call when the Sask player (forgot who) gave Burris a pat on the helmet and said good job was a bit harsh...

The hit on Burris that lead to the scene was clearly unneccesary roughness. Harassing Burris and hitting his helmet wouldn't be unneccesary roughness really.. probably more like objectionable conduct.

Objectionable conduct
a ) verbal abuse or objectionable gesture directed at an opponent, official or spectator, or
d) baiting or taunting an opponent by act or word.

Another Sask game another complaint session about the refs. My comments on the most drastic of the calls.

  1. the rouging penalty in the first quarter. It should have been a penalty as soon as the rider player hit Burris when he was on the ground. When Burris fell on the ball, the whistle blew and then at least a good second later the rider player hit him. The penalty for taping buris on the helmat was a joke and should not have been called.
  2. The fumble: That one was interesting. THere was a call last week when the ball carrier was pulled back and then he lost the ball. He was ruled down because his forward progress was stopped. This was the same situation in that game. That being said 99.99999999999999999999999999999% of the time it isk rules a fumble and it shoudl have been rider ball.

These opions are courtesy of an ESKS fan who really did not care who won the game.

I don't give a rats a$$ about the refs. Sure it would have been nice to have some of those calls go our way, but that loss is totally attributable to the lack of offensive production in the second half. With Marcel calling plays, one of two things usually happens: a) The Riders stink for the entire game. b) The Riders happen to surprise the defence for a short period of time until the defensive coordinator makes adjustments.

Why is it that Marcel can not make adjustments as the defence adjusts their gameplan? His playcalling in the second half was garbage. Calgary starts blitzing and Marcel calls long passes to the outside. Where were the quick passes over the middle? That could have slowed down the Calgary blitz.

I thought the only good play that was called in the second half was the attempted screen to Keith that was batted down by the D-line. Maybe that play would have been successful if it wasn't the first time the Riders had tried something like that all year! How can they expect to be successful mixing up the offensive plays this late in the season when they have had no practice running these plays.

Thanks for another loss Marcel. You will not be missed when you are canned in the offseason. BRUTAL!!!

C'mon Tbone, he worked all week on that gameplan, he's not going to let something like the other team making adjustments and completely shutting down his offence make him change his mind.

When will we learn?

Good one monkey! He is one stubborn S.O.B. It was painful to watch when Calgary would send the blitz, Marcus would get killed as he was releasing the ball, and there were no receivers in sight that could catch the ball. It seemed like there were no hot routes being called to give Marcus a safe option if the blitz got to him. This could be the blame of the receivers for not recognizing the blitz and changing their routes to help out the QB, but my guess is that all of this could have been avoided if Marcel would have called some better plays.

Also, is it just me or is Charles Thomas reverting to his old ways. He was playing good for most of the season, but it seems like the last couple of games, the Riders have made a good play in a key situation, but the Refs call "Holding Riders #53".

Last game i think there was only one holding call, and that was on Spencer. So can't really say that Thomas is going back to his old ways.