It can't be argued... this change move betters the Cats.

Thanks to Marcel, Scott and Bob for making this happen.

No one can say the Ticats brass don't want to win. They busted down the doors and got the best available

Good luck Casey and thank you for showing the confidence knowing you can to come in and elevate this team to a higher level. Be a leader and make these Cat's want to play under your leadership.

We have the one two punch we need on Offence, Casey making the secondary nervous and Jesse making everyone else roadkill.

Now, the O'line has to take a serious look at themselves and give him time to reach the receivers down field.

We've got alot of young guys missing blocking assignments all the way around. The rooks also are used to playing an 8 game season and a bowl. The line needs to step up and play more then they ever have before. Otherwise our hard spent ticket money for Casey will be used for watching him injured on the side lines.

The O.C. and line coach need to open their eyes and start coaching better...either that or Charlie needs to just step in and make all the calls, and bring back coach Sal.


yeah......thanks to Bob, Marcel and Ron Foxcroft....the three of them did well!

burratto + printers = success

Mikey, you need to get over yourself man. Obviusly you don't like Scott Mitchell but do you really need to bring all the negativity to this site? Your feelings are very obvious.

Geroy Simon+Printers=sucess. :wink:

This is a thread about the managements move to get Casey not to criticize any member.

Let's stay on topic people,if you have a beef pm the poster or reply in his thread.


I understand Jare, but obviously Mikey doesnt like Mr. Mitchell and he is going to use every thread to make that known.

Let's get Simon in here if we can those two had great chemistry.