It appears that Barker may stay on with Argos

Toronto can land themselves an entire first class football ops with Weightman, Popp and Trestman...
Instant cred... Maybe next year...

Popp and Trestman would do well anywhere in the CFL. The drawback to Popp, and likely what was a huge part of his downfall in Montreal, was his belief in himself as a coach. If you can find a way to guarantee that Popp never coaches he will be a great GM for some team. His coaching record is worse than Millanovich and that had to have an effect on his GM duties the last last few years when he should have been focusing on rebuilding the Als.

Keep him off the sidelines and he is still a great GM. Trestman may not have succeeded in the NFL, but I think he is well suited to the CFL and can still be a top coach in this league.

I am in the minority here but I don't think Popp wanted anything to do with the coaching assignment in Montreal. I really believe this was driven by Bob Wetenhall. Popp lives in North Carolina full time with six young kids and Carolina Panthers season tickets. The challenge for any CFL team that wants to employ Popp is to have a local presence strong enough that it can deal with him not having a home in that city.

in Toronto you would need a guy like Pinball as President of Football ops to make that work. Right now Popp is getting his mojo back at home but being the sole income for a family with six kids in private school in the US. He won't be sitting home next year. Its just not him anyway. I really, really hope he does well and it would be really interesting to see what he can do with an organization that will spare no expense to winning.

Anything is better than what the Argos have right now.

As for Popp, if he didn't want to be a coach why does he keep jumping into the job? His last 3, yes THREE, stints on the sideline he has taken over mid season and done nothing to find a replacement. In 2 of those he not only finished the season, but came back to start the next season. That doesn't sound like a man who doesn't like the job.

Is Barker really a vegetarian? Does he put a gallon of mayonnaise on his carrots and celery sticks?

We must sign Popp or Tillman would be my pick as GM, if we could get him out of the Hammer, then with Trestman as the HC.
As simply put the status quo here is not an option.

Good Luck with that!! Zero x Zero is still not much or less!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirk Penton
I'm told the #Argos and QB Drew Willy agreed to terms on a new deal two weeks ago.

Kirk Penton
He'll make more than 300K as the starter, plus incentives, this year, and 2018 rewards him with chance to earn more than 400. #Argos

Barker is here to stay and so is Milo.

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Looks like the only thing they save is 100K bonous to be paid later this month. Roll it into the contract and it's no longer guaranteed.

Still, what a way to 'earn' and extension. Looks like it's Barker and Milo's show still and if this football 'guru' ever gets hired, it will be an inherited mess to him to clean up.

As I mentioned in the Argo section that this great holiday season just hit the skids big time with the SH!TTY news of the day. Pull Willy has done squat as have Milanosh!ts and Bob Barker. They fluked a Grey Cup win in 2012 much like Ottawa in 2016 both against my wife's Stamps.haha. Anyhow how these guys are allowed to still be employed in Toronto is a farce. Now decisions like this with Pull Willy will have people ditching season tickets. I'm PISSED!!
This team has been run into the ground and I heard at Grey Cup that Milanosh!ts had totally lost the team. This reminds me of a band, Lowest Of The Low.
I know many around the league will laugh and enjoy this but this isn't good for the CFL having the Argonauts lost in Toronto with zero hope for improvement. If I'm a quality player like Coombs who hasn't been given a chance I'd be running out of TO to sign elsewhere. Man I'm PISSED!

Some have said all the CFL "needs" is some sort of a team in Toronto, successful whatever in whatever ways or otherwise. There could be some truth to that.

Let's face it, the Argos are not a real draw anywhere anymore, I don't even think the Cats care about them anymore than any other team in the league, because the rest of Canada knows Toronto as a whole doesn't give a rats arse about them. But just a team in league for the CFL even if they are crap, works for the league because, well, you guessed it, it's a Toronto team that has won the most Grey Cups so they provide content.

Not like we are talking huge bucks to keep the Argos afloat compared with Blue Jays, Leafs and Raptors with the mega million contracts. Argos are a piece of cake to operate compared with that and especially with the salary cap in the CFL. It's the most "low pressure" team in the league for players, coaches everyone involved with the Argos. They should be the Cowboys of the CFL with all the money in Toronto but that is not the case at all, weird but that's the way it has turned out. Don't get that one but that is one reason why Toronto will have a long time coming to ever get a true NFL type football stadium.

And if the Argos do win a Grey Cup as a "nothing" team, Tannenbaum and Bell are laughing. Having fun running a "nothing" team under the radar that might win.

The Toronto "Nothings", maybe sounds better than the Argos. :lol:

I would agree with you except there is that large television viewership that still watches the Argos even with a lousy team last year. They had the highest regular season TV viewership with 902,000 watching and 2.8 million reach. remember? The fans are still there. If it were Argos in the GC with a high quality team such as the Stamps then the GC numbers I would bet would of been 5 or 6 million viewership and as a homer team in the GC wouldn't take too long to sell out BMO.

The point that HfxTC was making is that Popp coached at Wetenhall's request. If the owner says "Thou shalt not search for a new coach for us to consider (the Bob Wetenhall has always retain final hiring decision)"

I tend to agree for the mid-season changes.

The "second seasons" may seem harder to explain, but the first time Popp oversaw a MAJOR roster renewal, something a new coach might not have been keen for ... and believe that led to Trestman's hiring. The last time it may simply have been Bob Wetenhall not wanting another HC contract while Higgins and Hawkins were still getting paid (i.e., cheaper to give JP a bit of a bonus, or maybe he did it as a "favour" for Wetenhall's loyalty).

Exactly, thanks :thup:my6

Argos have to get more GTAers to watch live.

Yup, we need so called fans to get off of their couches.

If you live in the GTA and you're an Argo fan, you have no excuse.