It appears that Barker may stay on with Argos

Barker has signed a few players already and will rep the Argos in WPG

gary lawlessVerified account ?@garylawless 18m18 minutes ago
Jim Barker will represent @TorontoArgos at this week's @cfl #cfl meetings in Winnipeg.

Toronto Argonauts PR
The #Argos have extended NAT LS Jake Reinhart through the 2018 #CFL season and signed INT DBs Winston Rose and Ri'Shard Anderson.

A lot of work must be done before Dec.31, especially with the left over Cap room that TOR has from the 2016 season.
High priced players such as Keon Raymond, Elliot, Gurly, Hazelton etc. were all let go before the trade deadline saving that Cap space for restructuring 2017 contracts thru signing bonuses.
If the Argos were considering firing Barker, you would think they would want the new GM in control of that Cap space.
I think he is staying. And if he stays I would also think Milanovich would stay with him.

[i]The Argos will continue to SUCK! :lol:

Maybe it's time to start a classic Johnny poll:

Will the Argos finish last in the East in 2017?[/i]

And for all the CFL people that will be at the meetings. Make sure you get to the buffet table really early. Because if Barker get's there first... :cry:

...only the salad bar. Barker is a vegetarian. :o

Status quo for The Argos by keeping Barker and especially Milanovich will be their downfall in 2017.

... and Barker is a FAT veggie.

No worries about the food unless it's tofu. Barker is a vegetarian.

Argos are a mess and in no way going to get better. Milo and Barker are under .500 in wins with the team. The whole organization is F ed right now. If you think no one showed up last year wait until next with more people bailing. Really it's not a laughing matter, it's just sad as shite for the CFL.

I'm pretty pissed that nothing has been done or said since they crapped this year away. Can you say, Sh!t Show?

For the faithful fan base sake, hopefully--if Milo & Barker are indeed secure--MUCH is done this off season to address the major concerns ailing the team. Could Toronto be headed to a dramatic turn around next season?

What do you mean will be?
It has been under Barker and Milanovich for the past few years.
Ever since they let 2 blue chip QB's walk in Collaros and Harris, and to top it off the disastrous Willy trade.
That should have been the final straw to axe both.
Now I am not so sure as Copeland has been "reviewing" the team now for months.
He is fiddling while Rome burns.
This team is a train wreck.

Copeland is is lawyer. That's the problem. Not qualified to run a sports team.

gary lawlessVerified account ?@garylawless 15m15 minutes ago
For those monitoring @TorontoArgos GM and HC situations and whether CEO Michael Copeland will alter org structure - no news coming soon #cfl

Good man Barker. IF Ricky is back probably 95% they should win east, Can Ottawa make playoffs???? in 2017

The important number is 3...the number of years Barker was re-signed for in 2016. He isn't so bad that MLSE will want to eat two years of his probably $300k per. Just have somebody approve his trades before-hand...although Barker did pretty well on the R. Ray trade. :wink:

Like most lawyers he’s well-experienced in procrastination!

After reading forum posts for many years I finally registered to start posting!

If Barker and/or Milanovich are the GM/Coach next year the Argos as a franchise are over.

The on field product is horrible - both are responsible for making a mess of the franchise.

I suspect that the only reason both haven't been fired already is the fact they have two years remaining on their contracts. That is a lot of money to throw away for an already unprofitable franchise. However, the alternative may be far more destructive.

Give this a thought - The worst team in league traded their 1st round pick 1st overall for a QB that had a high probability of being cut and becoming a free agent anyway. Winnipeg a team that made the playoffs picking first overall while an Argo team that finished 5 - 13 lets their fans sit and watch in despair.

What better way to start to build some excitement than to pick 1st overall.

If Copeland can't man up and tell ownership to eat the 2 years then he too should be fired immediately. This 'analysis' he's doing of the football operations structure shows he doesn't have the decisiveness to make a decision. feeble.

The worst team in the league can't figure out what to do - If ownership/management doesn't care why should the fans?

The only available people with CFL experience at GM and HC are

GM - Brendan Taman

HC - Corey Chamblin

They certainly could reel in FA QB Durant from SSK


yes Bell and Tanenbaum are owners. Wonder what the split is??

I'm sure the 8 other teams are very happy Barker will be back with the Argos next year!

Been saying it for the last 2 seasons, Argos will not win another playoff game with Millanovich as the HC. He lucked into a decent team, with a good QB, great coaching staff to mask his flaws and the perfect opponents in his first year, but since then he's 0-2 in playoff games and missed the playoffs 2 of the last 3 seasons.

When your HC can't manage a winning record at home that should get managements attention. It certainly got the Argos attention; they gave him a contract extension. :roll: He is third on the Argos all time list for games coached with a losing record, losing home record, and since the Grey cup fluke an 0-2 playoff record and twice missing playoffs. Does he have pictures of Tanenbaum in lingerie in a compromising pose? How do you get a contract extension with an abysmal record like that?

All true (maybe not the lingerie thing though).