It appears Calgary fans were not treated well.

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That is too bad. I know we had a couple of Calgary fans sitting by us at the game. I never saw them being mistreated, maybe a little smack talk here and there. If I would have saw them have beer and crap thrown at them I would have said something about it. Too bad.

I have been to Winnipeg twice, Calgary and Edmonton. Same type of thing happened to us in Winnipeg and Calgary.

Sorry to hear about this; I know depending on where you sit you will have idiots. That is why I stay out of section 28 as much as possible. Heck, I get stuff thrown at me in that section and I'm a Rider fan!!!

P.S, the comment made in that forum about Rider fans being a bunch of hillbillys and stuff shows about as much class as the fans throwing beer at that lady.


deflated did you come here to discuss how great Hank and the Stamps are?

It happens at McMahon stadium as well but usually by visitors.

This isn't really an uncommon thing to happen in any stadium, always a few "fans" like that. The disturbing thing is the growing trend with the sellouts we are hearing more and more of the incidents.

It's up to security as well as the other Rider fans to do their best to prevent this from happening. As far as im concerned they should fence off section 28 as from the stories I've read sitting there is guaranteed to have something tossed at you or someone trying to fight.

Yes RW2005, I think Hank is so great he should be wearing Superman’s cape…But seriously…If this young lady’s post is even close to accurate, then i am disgusted at how security handled the whole situation, and i hope she does pursue this further with the Riders organization…

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...there are bad apples in every stadium...most of the young men I saw ejected from the stamps/riders game here in Calgary were just there to booze it up, none even had any outward appearance of who they were cheering for....

Hey I would have to say most rider fans are good natured game loving fans. There will always be the guy or girl that has to out do the other in every stadium. It just seems lately more rider fans at McManhon have been culprits. A few years ago a full row of bomber fans were ejected. Now it would be stupid to think it is only fans from these two teams that do dumb things. That is in correct. Remember stupidity does not take a holiday and they come in all football fans colors. Security in section 28 at Taylor field need to be fired if they can not control that area. Sad but when you have this type of fan the other good natured fans get painted with the same brush. The only thing a good fan can do is point out these morons so they get booted out or sent to the crowbar motel. Only then will stupidity leave the game for good natured fans.

To much booze at a sporting event ends in bad behaviour. But to throw objects to injury other fans is going way to far. They not only need to sit in a jail cell fro a period of time but have them banned from the property. Post their pictures on the wall at every gate and or newspaper. Then and only then the jerks will not be at these games to stop the enjoyment everyone pays for.

Not saying that what the fans did was a good thing... i'm just saying if she was sitting in section 28 (university section) then well i'm pretty sure that happens every game. Bunch of drunks there and there always seems to be something going on over there. Where i sit in section 25 the fans actually say little to nothing at all to other fans, we are right behind the visitor bench so i guess thats why most of the razz is tossed in the visiting team's players. The most i've seen done to a fan in our section is being squirted by a squirt bottle, don't ask me why, :lol: just some people have nothing better to do with their time and they don't know how to enjoy a good game. And yes i do believe this happens in every stadium, it was wrong of those fans to do that of course and they should be sorry.

And just to clarify, did she actually get security or was it just those volunteer people that stand at the stairs??

Trav she claims it was in section 25 actually. What is really concerning is that security officals did nothing. I know in Calgary you throw something your subject to ejection or charges of assault.

Weird, usually section 25 people are like families and older people, and i didn't see anything but i am on one of the aisles at the same time so i don't know, i think i saw 2 security go up once though, pretty sure i may have saw this calgary fan as well, dunno but yea its just not right to do that, and something should have been done, that's basically it

Ir rewminds me of a time where a football fan had passed out at McMahon stadium. His false teeth fell out and fans were getting their picture taken with him. The ushers finally came got the police and had the fan removed teeth in hand for his own safety. But truly throwing of objects is dangerous and should be handled swiftly by authorized personnel. To do nothing only makes things that much worse as fans see that they can get away with it. If it were up to me removal of all booze would be done. The point is are you there to drink or to watch the game. I have seen youngsters so drunk by half time they miss the second half and require a ride to the drunk tank. Truly is sad that people just can not have fun with out booze.

Sorry to hear that but somewhere someplace sometime unfortunately someone has a bad experience! You can't hold that against the team because no matter where in life theres always a trouble maker or schmidt disterber! Sad thing is the guys who pound the booze spend most of the game running to the bathroom! I don't see how this enhances the fan /game experience?

I do not think she was holding it against the team rather then security doing absolutely nothing to fix the situation. Remember they are there to protect the fan even if they wear the oppositions jersey. The offenders should have been removed and charged.

I have no problem believing this story and it is a shame it happened but I can't believe security did nothing I have seen security toss people for smoking.

Well I hope people realize there will always be a few bad apples in the bunch.

Of course but if some of those bad apples are security you have a problem.

I could see it being true I was at the riders bc game last year and there was a bc fan rubbing a touchdown in by waving a flag and cheering and someone behind us threw a full beer can at him missed and ended up hitting a rider fan, a lady probably in her 30's in the head. Everyone pointed him out and he was escorted out.

I have been going to alot of rider games for over 14 years and the number of fans may be growing but the quality of fans is going down hill. In the last 2 years I have sat in 5 different sections and I am perfectly happy to be sitting at home now watching most of the games. The language (I swear too but some of the things I have heard is overboard by alot) and you can only have so many beer spilt on you before you just get tired of it. ( I drink as well and enjoy beer watching football but when you show up unable to walk and only add to it not sure what fun there is in that. There are alot of good fans out there too and the trash talk and chirping is a blast thats what going to a game is about everyone is very passionate about there team but when you start dealing with physical abuse its wrong in every way and there is no excuse for it.

As a disclaimer I have also sat in sections that I was surrounded by great fans who could enjoy a beer talk football and go grazy when a good play is made give oposing fans a shot when things don't go there way and take that shot back when things don't go are way. I am not painting all fans with the same brush I am just appaled at what has taken place at some games. Before I would just order tickets and be able to have a high energy great time no matter where I sat now I am very perticular where I get my tickets and it shouldn't have to be that way. Just my .02