It All Starts with the Lines

On both sides of the ball.


Poor Casey. Poor Richie. Poor Quinton.

On D...our poor 8. Our front four stinks.

It all starts (and this year) ends....with these guys.


I've been saying for weeks that it doesn't matter who lines up behind center with that god-awful O-line and Bellefeuille's terrible offensive schemes. But yes, let's acquire yet ANOTHER running back instead of actually addressing areas of concern, like the O-line and D-line. Pass rush is completely nonexistent.

thank u its about time ppl start seen what i see we have 3 good qb,and 4 rb's and have no line

Last year, my Als gave up the most sacks in the league. This year, your Cats are on their way to doing the same. What's the constant factor here?

Finally, someone with football senses that are not stuck on the QB or how much money the individual makes. No QB can stand up in the pocket or throw the ball from laying on the ground. The offensive line are pitiful. As a colected group they couldn’t turn my dame car over let alone block and protect ANY QB for five seconds. And if the qb is fortunate enough to esscape and try and make a play the damn receivers can’t catch. Man, if the receivers would catch the ball, Printers put one in the end zone, right in the receivers hands and they dropped it, PORTER PUT ONE IN THE RECEIVERS HANDS AND THE RECEIVER DROPPED IT, Porter is sacked ten times, but oh yeah, he’s not printers so its not his fault, its now the o-lines fault. Folks examine the team and leave the qb’s out of it, because they can’t do anythin without some freakin HELP.