It all comes down to Hopson.

I may have my chain of events messed up here but did Tanam not bring in Berry and then Miller become his signing authority like 3 days later or something? i don't think there was a lot of pull from the HC when Berry came in. It was a weird sequence of events.

Good point. Hopefully he surfaces some where again. From star player to out of work within one year, thanks to JD. Armstaed is back again for like the 6th time. Why not Dorsey?

Hopson has done a lot of great things for the franchise there's no doubt about it. He's guided them to record profits and heights never seen before in this franchises history.

However, I cant be alone in thinking that he's also meddling with the on field product as well, which I think he should leave to the guys who are professionals. I was a little upset when he let Tillman go, especially after it was known that the rest of the Board was okay with him staying on, save for Hopson.

On a completely unrelated note, I saw Ken Miller at a local establishment the other night with his wife enjoying some fine wings. Nobody said a word to him.

Actually, I’m glad to hear (read) that. No matter what the team does, he (and anyone else in the organization for that matter) deserve a quiet meal with family once in a while. Good on the fans for letting him have that. :thup: :thup:

A couple folks have already pointed out what we all should know as fact.

Tillman hired Taman. Yes, he had to hire a guy because he was forced to hide at home and run a team from his basement. They needed a guy at the office as well. Tillman hired Taman.

Tillman had to go. The optics of him staying was impossible. Feel free to google Tillman and you'll find a rapsheet of articles related to sexual assualt and everything else. It was an ugly story and he had to move on. Maybe the Esks were in a lucky spot but also remember their brass being riduculed for hiring Tillman (a guy that plead guilty to sexual assault).

Hoppy, he runs the business. Give your heads a shake. The only move hoppy has to make is to fire Miller...........if they think Ken is the problem. Just like they did with Shivers.

Things go up and they go down. It is very tough to stay on top forever. Hopefully they can right what is going on. I truly like seeing 2-3 new receivers around. That is huge message to send. A couple guys need production tonight or you'll read about their relaease on Monday. Yvesand at RB is good because Hugh Charles better step it up. He's played okay but I think everyone now understands the whole value we get from old man Cates. And, Brandon West keeps it up we'll be releasing Hugh Charles and West will belong to a RB club of Thigpen and Whitakcer. Taller backs, but effective.

I agree. How does Hamilton stay under cap? A cheap QB compared to other teams with Marquis guy. But baggs, Williams? Their receiving corp is likely cheap, as is their young O-line. How does cowtown do it........expensive receivers and QB....I think a young defense keeps them under? But you have to wonder.

Everyone knew we could not sign talent until early August. All FA's down south that have waited this long would do anything to get a NFL deal, so they wait until that dream is gone. We've got Burks and Barnes who couldn't get they are here. That's Taman and Miller pulling those deals together. They have Lemon as DE and he'll keep forcing Willis to get better. Our PR is vastly different than 2 weeks ago.

Shomari...........his first start and he has his hands full against Burris. I hope he can hang in there.

Everyone takes a turn on offence messing up. Dropped balls, penalty, bad throw, no protection. Every 3rd or 4th play somebody messes up and the whole unit suffers. They need to tighten this down soon.........or some guys will be out of work. Simple as that.

Good post Grubber.

As far as Hamilton, they can afford their talent because of probably a lower paid QB. That is also a factor in what has held them back, though this year might be different because of the sensational receivers.

And yeah, as far as the description in you last line...the O is not performing well.

I'm thinking that Taman spent that cash on Barrin Simpson instead of finding a rush end which should have been the no-brainer first priority. So he's thin on capspace midseason, the Riders are 8-4 and since Etch's crazy scheme masked the weakness that the defensive front had, Taman didn't think he had a problem at rush end, therefore made a half-hearted effort to get Baggs back, if at all.

Purely speculation of course, but it cannot be denied that since the '09-'10 offseason (the point at which Taman had full control) he has demonstrated a very low priority for the rush end spot, when at that very time he lost Chick and Baggs, and it should have very clearly been the top priority. And when it was clear to him that Hawkins and Shomari were still not adequate all of last year, HE STILL did not prioritize this position, which absolutely boggles my mind. They didn't even bring in any camp competition for Hawkins and Shomari. Un-freaking-be-lieveable.

prairiedog72 - Rush ends are one of the harder spots to fill. there simply are not a lot on the market. Miller signed Simpson...Tanam had zero to do with. Miller sat down with him and told him how the Riders wanted to use him in the D, and that is why Simpson signed on...for less than another offer none the less.

Yes it is tough to fill, and other teams fill it. Why not the Riders? Linebacker is EASY to fill, so why spend money? Simpson has always been a money guy, that's why he left BC, because Taman was willing to spend money on a big name LB that Wally knew better. Bombers finished last with Simpson and Lions won the GC with Javy Glatt. Now Taman comes to Regina and his first move is to go get Simpson. Now I like Barrin but there's no way that Barrin is playing for 120k or less. If that's Miller's move, you'll have to link a source, because Simpson is so obviously Taman's guy he brought with him from Winnipeg.

The Riders are the only team in the league that can't find ONE pass rusher. just ONE. Why is that? Because they've clearly demonstrated that it's not a priority. Maybe it is now, but after a year and a half it's too late now.

Major football management fail. Not coaching (Marshall/Hall/Berry). Not business (Hopson).

In fairness, Hawkins is a good rush end, but he is out.

Hawkins had 3 sacks last year and showed poor contain. He looked like a very talented ROOKIE. I like him a lot but he's not good enough (yet). I was hoping to see an improvement from him, he has tremendous upside, and I still hope to see that improvement, but you can't go into a season hanging your hat on upside. Not if you want to contend. Taman had no backup plan if Hawkins had continued to play like a rookie. Even worse, he had no backup plan if he got hurt and he did.

The biggest hole on the depth chart the entire time that Taman has been in charge has been rush end and he has made no significant moves at all other than drafting Shomari. NOTHING. Not even camp competition. It's been so disappointing.


Clarification please. Was Hopson for or against Tillman staying in Regina? Last I heard we never knew who on the board wanted Tillman gone. Posters here have stated it was Hopson who wanted him gone.

Everyone on the board wanted Tillman to stay, except foe Hopson, and no this is not an assumption or something, it became public.

While I am not sure if everyone else on the board was for keeping Tillman, Hopson was definitely against it.

Hopson is a fool, i woulda swept personal stuff under the carpet and said dun forgotten, get to work!

For anyone who wanted Tillman to stay I question your morals. The guy plead guilty to sexual assault on a 16 year old girl. I know sexual assault is a broad spectrum but still had Tillman stayed I would have questioned Hopson and the board of directors who at the time prided themselves on the Roughriders being a classy football team both on and off the field.

Question who Hopson hired to replace Tillman, but dont question whether or not Tillman should have stayed because clearly the image of the football team would have been tainted.

from what i heard he did and given the circumstances, it got blown way outta proportion, so u saying eskimo’s have no morales 4 hiring him?

I can assure you the Eskimos Fans have almost completely forgotten about Tillman and his overblown issue...

The Riders if they had kept him, could very possibly have won 1 or both of those last Grey Cups and would still be successful today.

Taman couldn't fill TIllman's shoes in a million years.

one person does not taint a football team, is kobe tainting the la lakers, need i say what he did and his wife stood by him, personal & professional life are 2 differnet things!