It all comes down to Hopson.

When you sit back and analyze this whole debacle..

it started with Hopson firing Tillman. (let's admit he basically fired him)

Hopson messed this team up when he canned the GM. and then went and hired Taman..


Now we've got the good ole boys club of Hopson, Taman and Miller.

Hopson needs to be fired. then Taman needs to be fired..

then Marshall.

then we need a whole new coaching staff.

These coaches are so bloody disorganized, it's utterly ridiculous!

we're going to be 1-8 after our Double header with Winnipeg.

Ive said the same thing the end of the day he is the President. I even started that poll on here a couple weeks back.

I questioned Hopson becoming prez, because even he is not his fortay, buisiness is.

I still don't know about firing Marshall. We do not know the inner workings of that circle. Berry was a part of the deal for any coach signing on. While he may not like that he wanted to be a HC, and perhaps got his opportunity at the wrong moment.

As for Tanam, I don't really have a problem with most of what he has done. The O-line improved over off season, as did special teams...that was his doing. He did not do much with the d-line, and that sucks, but there was not a pile of opportunity to improve that out there, and Hawkins is still out. The receiving corps is hurting, but he is actively bringing people in, and lets face it, they got nailed by injurrues before the regular season even started...not much you can do about that. He brought in some RB talent, which was really nice to see. He found what I think will be a solid ST coordinator. What has Tanam actually failed at?

  • Stevie Baggs - We didn't have cap room
  • Marshall - too early to tell, too many other issues atm
  • Berry - Well, okay, but that is the HC staff...they have to push for that...we don't know if anyone has
  • Daley - See above
  • Kavis getting fired - I think he played a part in that, and most of Rider nation was on board, I was upset then, I am upset now
  • Mullinder - gotta make room for Hawkins, and Luc should be a DT, not an end
  • Tad - I think he was beaking in the wrong way, and he didn't fit the D...good player or not, he didn't fit and someone else did...hey the D has played MUCH better since. This also was not him alone making this call
  • Dorsey - I don't blame him for signing...heck, he was a star the previous year. Should have he and the coaches cut him 2 weeks earlier...yeah, okay, they dropped the ball there.

Really, my only BIG issue is that Berry is still there, and like I said, that is not Tanam's call alone, though yes, I believe he has pushed for Berry to stay. I do not view Tanam as the best GM around, but he is not doing horrid either. I wish we hstill had Tillman, but we don't. Hopson was between a rock and a hard place. Rider Nation was spilt 50/50ish on Tillman, so he was pissing off people either way, but, Tillman was the major proponent of no-antics, no-controversy...died by his own sword so to speak. I personally would have offended the other half of Rider nation, and kept Tillman, but even now, a couple years later, and a downhill slide, there are many supporters in the decision.

I do not think the coaching staff is bad (other than the rediculous amount of time counts we have taken). I was upset with special teams last game and the lack of reccognition that Eddie was punting short causing no-yards, and there was no adjustment...I that will be reccognized for the future. And of course the offensive scheme blows...but that is all on 1 person.


Everyone was fine with Hopson when we made it to 3 grey cups in 4 years. When we make record profits every year, but now that the team isn't doing very well we have to cut everyone from the top down. Give me a break. Hopson is not out there dropping passes. He is not in there analyzing game tape and drawing up game plans. That is not his job. The guys whose jobs those are are not doing what he hired them to do. Trust me when I say he is not happy with what is going on right now. Expect moves to be made, but getting rid of Hoppy, who is the architect of our most prosperous times, will not be one of them. Nor should it be.
The guys in the room have to play better, it is as simple as that. We need help on our receiving corps, but it looks like we have made two moves to try to get that better already this week. (Baker for Mullinder and signing Freddy Barnes, NCAA record holder for catches in a season, who they tried out in the off season but was waiting on NFL chances) Koch should be back in a few weeks (probably will do the whole 9 game just to keep him off the books and he isn't ready yet). I'm not saying that we are going to win the next 12 games, I am saying that steps are being taken to right the ship, and firing Hoppy is not one of them.

we never should have gotten rid of Tillman.

Taman hasn't exactly brought in any amazing replacements for the guys we lost.

they let go of Womack, who was the guy bringing in the talent.

the Coaches don't seem to know what to do with these Players.

they're trying to make Durant a Pocket Passer when it's as clear as day that he IS NOT!.

we're gonna be 1-8.

NO WAY we're beating Winnipeg this season.

Our team has talent but our coaching staff seems to have no idea how to use them the best way.

Good to see CFListhebest, back in action.

What has Tanam actually failed at? - Stevie Baggs - We didn't have cap room
Exactly, dumping Dorsey sooner would have given us the cap room to get Stevie Bag back, we were just out a little bit according to Stevie, but it's a business and money talks. Also, HOW does Hamilton keep signing all of these veteran players, year after year, and still stay under the cap??? Did we even know if Arland Bruce was available? We could use some veteran receiver right now.

I understand why they got rid of Tillman. Like Depop, I hated to see him go, but he was the one who started the whole "code of conduct" thing, and keeping him would have made the team a laughing stock on that level. It was definitely the Rider's loss, but I really don't see how they could have done any different with the optics involved.

I do NOT understand why they let Womack go. He was a custom-made replacement for Tillman, and he was already on the payroll. And Taman has a proven track record, but not in a good way. At all. I really disliked the Taman hire at the time, and I still do. Taman was not the best man for the job, nor was he the best man available. That was a brain fart on the part of Hopson, but I'd rather see Hopson stay in place and correct the mistake himself.

I think Marshall is caught in a bad situation. As someone else said, he wanted to be a HC, and the price he had to pay for that job opportunity was that he got stuck with Berry. At least he didn't get stuck with Daley, too.

I don't think the D has played badly enough to see Hall fired, but he does need to make more adjustments. This was mentioned on another thread. Really, the D has played well enough, maybe not to win every game, but certainly well enough to win a few more.

Berry, on the other hand, has royally sucked at his job thus far. He doesn't know how to use Durant, he doesn't know how to use Dressler...he just seems to want to fit whatever pegs he has into his own mold. That's not a sign of a good coach or a good leader. Unfortunately, I think we are stuck with Berry until we lose Taman. We can argue back and forth as to whether Taman has done a good job or not, but people seem pretty unanimous on Berry, and I really don't think we get rid of Berry without getting rid of Taman.

I think Labour Day and the Banjo Bowl are lost, even if we make a change tomorrow. It just takes too long to overhaul. But its not too late to save the season, and make the playoffs. From there, anything can happen. But the clock is ticking.

We paid half of dorseys salary, so 60k. Steve wanted 240k. We went over cap. We did not have the cap room either way, because half a season with Steve would have put us into tier 2 either way

Well said. I agree, especially on the Joe point (was he let go, or did he leave...I thought he left for the promotion). It is my exact sentiment. I also feel the same about Hopson, though he brought in Tanam on the advice of Tillman, and that pissed me off.

I do not agree with the last line...we have a buy and 2 games before playing the Bombers. A month is enough time to improve, or at least it can be...The Esks started fresh and put their team on track in under a month, we already have the talent to do the same, just need the right brass.

I agree with Billy in regards to Hopson. He brought respectability back to the Rider's. The Tillman thing - I don't think he had much choice - after putting in place the Code of Ethics he could hardly say that it wasn't that bad an infraction and maybe because Tillman is such a good GM well we can make this one exception. I'm p*ssed that Edmonton is the beneficiary of that unfortunate sequence of events but that isn't Hopson's fault. The only issue I have and I am sure I will never hear a satisfactory explanation - were DB and RH forced upon Marshall or did he chose them? If the former is the case then I would take Hopson to task and put the blame for much of our current inneffectiveness squarely upon his shoulders.

With regard to Dominique Dorsey - I believe his inneffectiveness was solely the result of Jim Daley's ineptitude. Had we had a guy like Craig Dickenson last year - I believe Dominique would have proven to be worth his salary and more.

I guess we’ll never know.

the biggest mistake in the entire time frame since Tillman left was not keeping Womack.

they truly messed up on that one big time.

I think this will be Marshall’s Only HC job. he is not a leader and he is showing it now.

he should have had his team under control and his coaches doing their job.

the Time Count violation against Calgary and the one again vs B.C. should NEVER have happened.

and then WHAT was Dressler doing off the field on that Field goal Attempt?

THIS is not being a leader.

Surely you jest. No lineman in the league makes that kind of dough - not even close ... not even a star non-import. Maybe he "wanted" that, but he was not realistically expecting that.

I believe he got 235 in Hamilton. sorry...just googled...apparently it was 3 years400000 with a 50000 signing bonus

150K per year doesn't seen unreasonable. I don't think Baggs wanted to come back here anyway because he was still miffed because Chick got the outstanding d-lineman nomination from the club over him.

I don't think anyone gave kudo's to Hopson for any of the GC appearances. Tillman, yes, but not Hopson.

didn't he also say that it was easier for his family to come see him if he's in the east as well? I mean lets face it....I can go to Vegas for three days, flight and hotel, easier AND cheaper than I can fly to Regina from Edmonton, lol!

well, a flight to edomonton is only like like 150 bucks, but more importantly, I recall him saying he was within reasonable driving distance from his family and I can not fault a guy for taking that into consideration. I believe he made the comment that more of his family could come to that is cool...but yeah, there were a few factors involved for sure.

All the more power to the guy if he can improve his personal situation at the same time as giving a dig back at his old team.

A lil off topic, but I gained a lot of respect when I heard that storry about him seeing some youths playing football in the park on his way home one day and he stopped and gave them some coaching for a few hours.

That kind of stuff is awesome to hear!

So if rumor mill means anything our new HC was let pick his coaching staff...But in any case he has worked with the guy being DB before, only the roles were reversed. Further to that DB, was a pick of KM, and there didn't seem to be a problem there. Km is not the head coach anymore, but he is still pulling some strings. As for BT well lets all remember that Km is over BT and that means he signs off on everything.
In my mind the only thing we have done wrong until now here was to let JW go, not that I think BT has done a bad job, I just think JW was our man here. He had a connection to the coaching, management and scouting/player development, alas we really don't promot from within around here. JW wasn't given much of a choice....thats what happens when you pass a guy over. He interviewed for the GM job and lost out, so then we pushed him off to scouting only was made to run out of the states, that last yr. Kinda puts a guy in a place if you know what I mean....if rumor has it right. Didn't take long for a guy like that to find work, as Hamilton scouped him up... Oh yes and now as rumor has it he will be taking over the reigns from BO in Hamilton, probably after this season. Oh and sorry for the abreviated names, it seems thats how we talk here and of course I don't have to worry about their correct spellings then....
Just enjoying the rumor mill...KM Kenny MIller, DB Doug Berry, BT Brendan Taman, and in case anyone forgot JW Joe Womack