It ain't the Brokeback Mountainclimbers

It's the West Virginia Mountaineers!!!

On STH appreciation day I'll be hosting my new friend Majordawg, his wife Mrsmajordawg and their two nephews. They're Americans who will be attending their first ever CFL game. From our private chats he's explained he's a casual Riders fan who closely follows the Bombers (Terrance Edwards went to the University of Georgia, as he did) but if this all works out, he'll be a fan of the Black and Gold. He's so excited he's already been trying to teach his friends the Oskee Wee Wee.

My new friend Majordawg noticed a post I made about meeting KG and Sticky Dave Stala at the TigerTown store and asked me if we might see AC at the game. Mrsmajordawg's father went to WVU and they would like to thank him for his time there. I all but promised him we would. He's so grateful, he's going to buy me an overpriced tall boy of Carling and give me a University of West Virginia Mountaineers T-Shirt at the game. I'm going to grab a #22 jersey to wear over it (another excuse to visit the TigerTown Store) and see too it I get them both signed. Major can thank him for what he did, and I'll thank him for what he's about to do. It's win-win for all of us. Now to get Avon to the sidelines on June 22nd and keep my promise.

You guys think AC will notice us in our WVU Mountaineer shirts and just come over, or should we climb the goalposts?

And before anyone comments on how absurd (or obsurb) the title of this thread is, Brokeback Mountainclimbers is the name of my other NFL Fantasy League team.

Rather obsurb indeed.

"obsurb" ? ? ?

Is this some new internet codeword with which I am unfamiliar ?

Recently, in one of these threads, the word "absurd" was butchered more than once by more than one poster in different ways either via typo and/or misspelling.

We're just having fun with it. It was pretty funny (for those of us that find such things funny).

Ah okay thanks Cap'n. . . I presuime you are referring to the poster who mixes up "waist" and "waste", "threw" and "through", and so on ?

Don't waist your time explaining obsurd :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm threw waisting my tyme with you obsurd grammer police. :lol:

Your gunna hafta get up purty earlie to put won over me! :wink: