Issuies with Game day Ticket Sales Staff

I called the Tigertown Store Yesterday at 11:00 AM
My brother and his family want to go game on $7.50 Specials.
Where told by Staff at the Store . They could take care of at Stadium
So we Go down and He go to ticket off at The Stadium
He was told they not could help sell him get seats .
My Brother was told go Back Javis
it was not on our computers
They Could not help us.
He end up back to Jarvis and they got him his seats .
But the Run a Round is not Welcome to us.
He was told by Ticket Staff at Ticats HQ
they could help have him back at Stadium but Ticket Staff was Lazy.

so what is The Truth here
This is Sloppy sloppy work by Ticket Staff.
Please get this fixed.
How many more people went home cause of this ..

When you called the Roar store what did you ask them! As i thought it was the season ticket holders that could only get the $7.50 seats up to 10 of them! If you left your name with the person at the store saying that my brother with "his name" would be coming in to get them, that i would understand then. You should have called your ticket rep!

It was I gave him the Discount Form and he got the tickets.
want to see if any one else had the same problem

Did anyone else think there was more then 23,500 fans at the Winnipeg game?

I thought it was closer to 26K.

I think there were quite a few freebies for that game. I had 9

Yikes CaptainKirk!!!

Why were they giving away so many freebies? :frowning:

Part of the deal for being a season ticket holder was to get a free ticket for a game. Our group of 9 all got tickets for that game.

Not sure how many got tickets for that game or other games.

Still... I thought it was a very healthy crowd... Looked like 26K+ to me...



Yeah, I thought it was more than 23k too, but IIRC, they're only counting sold tickets now.

Did you mean to say that you thought it was more like "26K too"?

Imagine Cats tickets for $7:50. I cannot for the life of me not understand why the Cats don't sell out at that price. Is the team really that bad?

Cause there leaving, so they wanted people to come watch what there going to miss out on for the next 141 years!
Thanks Bob for the memories, they will stay with me until the day i die, and then ill take them to Heaven to show them what football is all about!