Issues with new login system

I registered my existing username/password into the new system well before the July 24 rollover date. My understanding is that it would allow me to login to the Lions' [site for example] and if I wanted to, I could go to another site like the CFL site just like before only I would not have to login to be able to post. Problem is I DO have to login in again when I change from the Lions to the CFL site. I thought the idea of the sites all being linked was so we didn't have to keep logging in whenever we changed sites. Maybe I've missed something. Anyone else having the same problem?

I only log into anyhow. seems no reason to log in a team site just for the forums.

for me, its business as usual

Good idea. I think I'll starting doing that. I notice also if I log in to the CFL site I can go to the different teams' homepage without having to log in again.