ISO old ticats posters

Trying to put my man cave together in the garage… does anyone have any of the great 80s/90s posters or beer promos you’d like to part with? Would love to hear from you! Cheers

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I don’t think I was great but I was posting about the Ticats in the 90s.
Or are you looking for something different :slight_smile:

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Hahaha :joy:

I had lots of great Ticat items that I would love in the Mancave but over the years they got weeded out.
E-Bay has some pretty cool items.
Love this one.

Mosca and Barrow from the 60’s.

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Barrow and Sazio

Mosca signed

I used to have this on my jacket.

Rally towel


Billy Ray Locklin, Dave Viti? Who is the guy between Barrow and Mosca.
Grandpa tell me bout the good ole days!

Those are great but I’m really hoping for items from my era, some old Molson ticats posters or etc. Anything 80s, 90s I’ve looked everywhere… Hutches on the beach as it all hahah

If you’re willing to join this Facebook group you might find some stuff by putting in a request.

:sunglasses: From left to right, Billy Ray Locklin, John Barrow, Pete Neuman, Angelo Mosca, and Dave Viti.

For all you youngsters out there !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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That picture of Mosca eyeing down Russ Jackson is about as Hamilton as you can get. Absolutely legendary.

Thanks for sharing that. :+1:


Sorry old man…lol…but this picture is from 1965 and that guy between Barrow and Mosca is none other than #65 Marty Martinello.


That’s not Pete Neumann between Barrow and Mosca.
I say that for three reasons:

  1. Newmann’s last year was 1964 and those jerseys are from '65 or later.
  2. Newmann’s # was 74. The second # on the jersey in the photo isn’t 4.
  3. The player doesn’t look like Pete Neumann, as I remember him.
    This is who I think’s in that D-line photo:

Thank you! I don’t have Facebook but I’ve asked my wife to have a look. Appreciate the help

Dave Viti who passed away in June also played as a receiver.

I recall meeting Dave, in '67, when he was rooming, on the road, with John Barrow.

That must have been a great experience for you.
The 67 dream team.

Which website were you using back then?

I was just kidding. It was a play on words and my attempt at humour.

OP asks for “does anyone have any of the great 80s/90s posters or beer promos”
So I said I was a 90s poster.

Back then our I-Pads looked like this: