ISO: East End Proud FLAG

Hope all is well!

We recently moved from the west end to the east!

Does anyone have an easy end proud flag they would part with?


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These flags are cool. At one point the store sold all neighborhoods (I have a Hamilton Proud and a Ancaster proud one).
Maybe try the store and see if they have any kicking around.

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I was born, raised and educated in the east end of the city. Because of work and such, I no longer live in Hamilton. I do love coming back here for my Tiger Cats…

Still looking if anyone has anything? Thank you!!

Don’t have one
but here is a pic


There’s a flag in that picture? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the one! Thank you

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they have weird shoes lol

Everything above the shoes is
:eyes: :heart_eyes:

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That “flag” in the photo reminded me of a conundrum I’ve had for years. I grew up in the Barton/Balsam area in the 1950s-60s, and to this day, I don’t know what really defines Hamilton’s East End, especially in the North-South direction. I have heard some refer to “my old neighbourhood” as being part of Hamilton’s North East End. So, what is the real Hamilton East End?..

Based on street names, would it be the area bordered by Sherman Ave to Centennial Pkwy, and from the base of the escarpment to the Bay? Should it include the Sherman to Wentworth St area as well? Should it exclude the areas between Parkdale Ave and Centennial Pkwy?

Or should it be defined by the official neighbourhood names:
Stipley, Crown Point East, Crown Point West, Blakeley, Delta East, Delta West, Bartonville, Homeside, Normanhurst, McQuesten East, McQuesten West, Parkview East, Parkview West, Glenview West, Corman, Kentley, Vincent, Nashdale, Greenford, Rosedale, Red Hill, Kings Forest and the Industrial District between Sherman and Woodward (that would have included Brightside before it was decimated)?

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meh. they look ok i guess.

that flag is cool though.

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Not sure about the east end but i have been told the North End begins at the CNR tracks. If you are not past the tracks, you are not a north ender.