Isnt this the best winning attitude people :)

this just makes me wanna go buy season tickets and every colour jersey there is when the head coach says things like this! makes me feel real good abuot my team ive supported for 18 years :slight_smile:

While a win is unlikely, Lancaster would like to see measured improvement.

"We can't have another game like last week where we're worse than the week before. I'm not saying we're going to win, because that will be a tough climb, but we need to get better.""

like.. if even the coach has doubts abuot winning theres a problem.. at least marshal was always positive..

Marshall was naive... at least Ron is realistic.

thats messed up i dont wanna hear the coach tell me were not guanna win or he dossnt really think we have a chance.

Lancaster is stating the obvious, he doubts we'll win the game, but there had better be an improvement in play- status quo or a step back is not an option. Tiger-Cat fans should be thankful that we have this man in our organization.

why should we be thankful?

i think it is safe to say that lancaster realizes the fans do not want to be fed "were gonna win propaganda" is it possible we will....small chance. but lancaster recognizes the situation and is emphasizing that we need to see improvement. one play at a time. we dont need him gaurenteeing wins and predicting grey cups. Anyone in professional sports would understand this to be a realistic view of the teams current circumstances. it may even be a motivational tool in the lockeroom to loosen the boys up and take the pressure off. Either way im tired of hearing anything about Marshall...please the guys record speaks for itself period.

If he was able to say that we would win, well, I think he might be onto some divine hotline to the big person upstairs. Which actually would be nice I'd say but haven't heard that this is possible, yet, anyway but then, who knows what those MIT guys are working on these days.


where is the quote from blitz? what was the context?

Ron is a pro. he get criticized by so many. This is it folks! His last run. The Marty Yorks of the world criticize him with faceless quotes. could these two gentlemen be farther apart in character. For those of you too young to know why he got the nickname the Little General - he has it for a reason.... This guy always showed up to play. As one of the winningest coaches in history and the classiest gentlemen, I really do wish him the best as he wraps up his great career.

Brooksy, Ron gets trashed in a similar manner to what Bobby Clarke gets trashed, these guys showed up as you say and they expect others to do the same, their standard is very high and they don't like people that don't do this, understandably. Which is why the Marty Yorks don't get along with these types of guys because these guys don't waste their time with idiots and will tell these idiots exactly that, hence, the trashing that follows. One reason I like guys like Ron and Bobby, no f'en pissin around, no crap, you come here to play and if not, you're on your way out. The way it should be! Too much pansieing (if this is a word) today with prima donna, or wannabee prima donna athletes, not Rob and Bobby.

Lancaster is actually in a good position right now. If he wins, then he's a football genius, as he turned a team of no-good bums into winners.

If he loses, then it's because he's the coach of a team of no-good bums that he had "nothing" to do with the assembly of.

Maybe Ron is trying to catch the Bombers off gaurd. Saying we can’t beat them and after last weeks display could just set them up for a fall with over confidence.

i doubt berry and "the good marshall" will allow that

Why can't the Cats win ? Every man should (is?) playing for their very job. No excuses, a big effort and a W.
Eat em Raw!

BINGO...and ditto!

Oski Wee Wee,

Lets not get to excited we beat a team who was using their 2nd and 3rd string quarterback,plus their star receiver was out.I say good win but lets see how we do against a healthy team.I remember a healthy Winnipeg beat us 29-0 last week.A win is a win Though,we need everyone we can get right now with or without the opposing teams star players.

They also beat us with our #2 and 3 QB’s… missing our starting running back…

good point crash,I retract that statement.

We do agree on other things, so its all good :wink:

What was he saying when he said he wished we beat them with Glen in the game ??? we p;layed with Eakin and without Ranek and not a word was said !!!!

Blitz, isn't it time for you to acknowledge something right about now? If you're struggling to find the words, I'll suggget a few. Repeat after me.

"Quotes the media chooses to print are 100% irrelevant to what is happening with the team on the field and in the dressing room. Next time I will not jump to conclusions based on a sentence or two I read in the newspaper."