Isn't this a bit disrespectful?

I believe “beaten like a rented mule” is a more inclusive expression.

(With apologies to all mules, a.k.a. Argo fans, who might be reading)

wow, i was actually using the Theisman injusry ans an example, but then thought better of it. just because its so famous.

great minds again? lol

I want to tell you a story of days of yore, back when players were injured and silence ruled. Yes that was the way it was, until the injury was proved non serious, if an injury could be such.

This is back when we still had the Tiger Cat Band who use to sit in the SW corner of the stadium. They would play during time outs, touchdowns, fieldgoals etc. much like a football game should go.

We had a wonderful player named David Boone, D Line, played with us and Edmonton, good player and had a good career.

While playing with us, he fell injured one day, serious injury to the knee if I recall. Silence fell over the stadia for several minutes. To break the silence the Tiger Cat Band finally struck up a tune. The decided to play the old R&B tune "Watermelon Man". The silence became even deeper. You see, Mr Boone was African American and the song selection was indeed very inappropriate, especially considering the time frame when civil rights were in the fore. The fans quickly caught on and silenced reigned for a number of plays afterwards.

Now that was inappropriate!

care to go on... perhaps some sort of summation of 'watermelon man' just for those of us born after 1980.... :smiley:

Hi Espo.

Sorry forget sometimes forget about different generations. "Watermelon Man" is an old instrumental R&B tune, great song actually. It was just a poor selection to play at the time because of racial tensions, because the title of the song was also used as a derogatory title for African American Men. So you can see the irony of playing it when Boone was hurt. We still laugh about it, because it was one of the most awkward moments at the stadium and should never have happened. Things were different then I guess and have changed for the better.

figured as much, was just makin sure.. just checking to see if there was some kind of lyric (that obvious wouldn't have been played since it was a band, but none the less thought about when the tune was played) that was overly offensive.

thanks for the info.

Right on!! And the golf cart they use to transport injured players can be brought to us courtesy of Lockport Gambino Ford.

This I agree with, 100%.


i dont know about the rest of you, but when i see the cats make a bonehead move that costs us yardage, i dont generally feel like eating pizza... really, those angry feelings aren't such a good thing to be associated with Pizza Pizza... might wanna check that out.

Went to the bomber game last week with my old man and he said the same exact words, He was pretty grumpy at the game lol. The advertising is sick and all the breaks in the action, its even sicker with all their stupid contests.

Football nowadays is about making money however they can. Advertizing and high concessions are the result. For shame.