Isn't this a bit disrespectful?

Okay, so I want to touch on a subject that was bothering me on Saturday at the game. (Not that everything wasn't bothering me but hear me out.....)

To begin with, I was really getting annoyed with the constant noise of all the advertisements going on during the game. It seemed like they were craming in as much as possible on every break in the action. I'm not just talking about a TV timeout or a change in possession....I'm talking about the 20 seconds between plays of a current drive.

Primus this, Rona that.....Maple Leaf, Mark's Work Wearhouse, Pizza Pizza, blah blah blah!

Now listen carefully, I know this is a neccessary evil and I know without these sponsors we might not even have the team to cheer for. (Not too mention Maas, Holmes, or any of the other big-time players we have this year.) This is not what I'm complaining about.

BUT what I am saying is this......

When a guy gets injured, isn't it disrespectful to have these Ads blaring away while the medical staff is on the field tending to the injured player?

I'm sorry, but it is bad enough that our offence has to huddle up and battle the "Ad Noise" (so much for homefield advantage) but when you start disrespecting the game and the players this way, it's a little too much for me.

Maybe I just care more about the actual game then the gameday experience, but I think we need to show a little more respect when a guy gets hurt.

Call me old fashioned but that's just the way I feel. Any thoughts on this?

I can't disagree, though you'll be hard-pressed to find a team in the league that doesn't do this.

Not that that makes it right.

i wouldn't say disrespectful....

more bad for business....

think of it this way...

Say there was an injury taht didn't look serious, but was indeed career or life ending... everytime you further hear that ad that was being played, the first thing that'll jump to your mind will be that injury...

you can either subscribe to the 'no such thing as bad press' theory or the "i could see the bone i think i'm gonna hurl" theory.

Who cares really? Its not disrespect its more advertizing time.

I agree Barrenchea.

At the one extreme, I don’t recall any ads blaring when Tom Pate was being carried off the field after having suffered his fatal aneurysm in 1975. That being said, it is the nature of the beast today. Make no mistake about it: it is a beast.

Oski Wee Wee,

I don’t know about that.

Correct me if I’m wrong but at IWS they never played music or had Ads blaring before when a guy was hurt…and by “before” I mean last year and every year before that.

I think Espo nailed it.

Would you want your product or service associated with a "Thiesman" type injury?

No, it is disrespect and there are plenty of other time slots in which to cram this crap so why do it when a player is hurt on the field?

Agreed, but it's actually a problem with football in general. The amount of advertising shoved down our throats in an average game is flat-out ridiculous. As soon as it looks like there might be a stoppage of play that lasts more than 15 seconds, they cut to ad. Baseball doesn't do it. Neither do hockey, basketball, and especially not soccer. As a result, we miss most of the game! It's an insult to the players when they cut out to commercial during an injury time-out.

It wasn’t ALWAYS a problem; it’s a new problem. I remember watching Dunigan get hurt, or Cody Ledbetter for that matter, and no ads. But within the last four years (the “CFL Renaissance”, if you listen to most sports talking heads), there has been a huge increase in advertising. From games I’ve watched on TV, when a player got hurt at most other stadiums there were stadium announcements going on (can’t always hear if it’s an advert over the tv), last year and even the year before. The Cats may be one of the LAST teams in the league to institute this.

Again, I don’t think it’s a good thing. But then again, I’m a leftist. I don’t think most advertising is a good thing, so don’t trust my opinion. :wink:

Unforturnatley, I think this is the beginning of corporate professional football in Canada-- just like NHL they will price it out of the average fan and make it as noisey and tackky as possible and it is really too bad!!!

I didn't notice the ads during injuries. Heck I can't even remember the injuries. I didn't sense anything to be disrespectful about.

The only thing I noticed on Saturday was Jamie missing 3 field goals, Martin getting beat like a red-headed stepchild repeatedly and badly, the ticats taking inopertune, undiciplined penalties, no assemblance of a return game/game plan on returns and a totally inefctive offensive game plan that resulted in a loss.

That's all I noticed.

I don’t think it’s disrespectful.

If anything I think an injured player would not want the crowd’s attention at that point, so maybe music and advertising are welcome distractions.

What would you want them to do while attending to a player who is on the field? Half time the time they dont even know who it is until hes walking away. Would you like us all to bow our heads and have a moment of silence for the athlete on the field who got injured? A replay would be ok i guess but its only a commerical. If your that focused on the game than you shouldnt really pay attention to the jumbotron and pay more attention to whats happening on the field. What a useless thread this is. Unblievable.

Maybe it’s useless to you, but not so to those who have participated.

Wait a minute! You posted too. :wink:

Seriously, once I enter a thread I find uninteresting, I just go somewhere else.

Then ignore this thread. I find your post to be completely useless but I would never say that to you. :wink:

In my section (Section 26) it is virtually impossible to ignore the 3 thousand ads blaring right behind my head in between every play. I’m annoyed about it but I understand why it’s happening.

I just think that when I guy is hurt we can show a little respect and wait for him to shake it off (or worse case scenario: get taken off the field on a stretcher or in an ambulance) before we tell the fans where they can buy an official Ti-Cats hamburger or where to get a lube job.

There just seems to be less and less respect for the game and the players now days. This is a prime example but I think Oski-Oui-Oui said it the best, it is the nature of the beast.

Are they welcome distractions for the trainer who is trying to communicate with his player on the field?

Think about the players family members who might be in attendance at the game…what would your opinion be it it was your son on the field and they had those Ads blasting while you were trying to make sure he was alright?

How about all he injury time-outs can be sponsored by Cellino and Barnes or Michael Lamont (The Personal Injury Specialist). That's generating revenue.

These ads have gone on for some time...but the sound guy should use some discretion. Play music, but turn it down...and no ads.

That reminds me - I wasn’t really paying much attention to it, but weren’t the penalties on Saturday referred to on the scoreboard as Pizza Pizza Penalties! That’s priceless - the Cats are giving me fits because they can’t keep their heads in the game, and Pizza Pizza wants me to know that they are the proud sponsor of those boneheaded penalties. If we drop PP as a sponsor, will the penalties stop as a result?