Isn't there one bilionnaire who likes football?

Everybody knows there is absolutely no need to be a bilionnaire to buy a CFL franchise. When Feterik wanted to sell the Stampeders, he asked 7 millions$. A flailing granchise such as the Renegades wouldn't get as much.

So guys with just a couple of millions could buy the team.

However, for bilionnaires, this would be such an easy opportunity to get involved in football. I'd assume any football loving bilionnaire might want to buy the Renegades if only to get involved in a sport they love.

According to Forbes, we have 19 bilionnaires in Canada. I could hardly believe none of them likes football. So here they are with the cash they own.

Would anybody on the huddle know if any of these guys have the slightest interest in football?

1- Kenneth Thompson & Family - 19,6 billions 2- Galen Weston & Family - 8,4 billions
3- James, Arthur and John Irving - 5,5 billions 4- Paul Desmarais - 3,8 billions
5- Bernard Sherman - 3,7 billions 6- Jim Pattison - 3,6 billions
7- Robert Miller - 3 billions 8- Edwards Rogers - 3 billions
9- Charles Bronfman - 2,7 billions 10- Lino Saputo & Family - 2,4 billions
11- Wallace McCain - 2,3 billions 12- Micheal Lee-Chin - 2,1 billions
13- Clayton Riddell - 2 billions 14- Daryl Katz - 1,6 billion
15- Alexander Shnaider - 1,6 billion 16- Jean Coutu - 1,5 billion
17- Stephen Jarilowski - 1,5 billion 18- N. Murray Edwards - 1,4 billion
19- Guy Laliberté - 1,4 billion $

Bronfman and Coutu were at one time, owners of the Expos
Saputo owns the Montreal Impact

Never mind if they like football!
Do they have any single daughters?

I know a guy that plays for the Impact he used to coach my brothers soccer team.

[url=] ... ueur_id=72[/url] This guy.

I know I'm still hoping the Irvings (who are from teh Maritimes, I believe) step up and buy a team for Halifax ...

So are the McCains.

While I'm sure there could be many people on that list who like football, I'm sure there is not anyone on that list who likes to lose millions of dollars per year.

It's an unfortunate vicious cycle
-The team won't win without money being spent
-A potential owner won't spend without the potential to make that back from improved attendance/merchandising/concessions (i.e. fans)
-Fans won't go unless the team is winning (or has a realistic chance to be competitive)

These people on the billionnaire list didn't get there by getting into bad business ventures.

I agree with you Horus but when you do the math.
Having a Billion dollars and losing 5 million on a sports team is like you or me having $100 in our pocket and losing 50 cents.
Nothing to cry over is it?

How about we all pitch in 2$ and buy a Super 7 ticket for next Friday (15 millions) :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree ro1313.

I don't know.....5 mil is still 5 mil.....think I would be upset about losing it regardless of how much cash I had.....still, though, they're in a better position to accommodate the situation than the majority.

Funny .. I think that is a pretty popular misconception of the rich ... that - "meh, its only 5 million" attitude ... "mere pennies to us ..."

Chances are - they have a better appreciation and value for the money than we do ("we" being, the poor and meager) ... Really - not all cases obviously ... But these guys got rich somehow - being foolish with their money is probobly not one of the reasons.

Since this initial question is based on Ottawa .. it should include Ottawa in the question ... "Isn't there a billionaire who likes football, and wants to lose millions of dollars a year in Ottawa?" ... Personally, I would think anyone that steps in to buy this fiscal submarine is a financial moron.


I dont agree with you Static.

5 million to a billionaire means as much to them a 50 cents does to us. If it didnt they would not spend millions on all kinds of toys(cars planes boats)

Sure you have to be carefull on your way to being rich but once you get there.

A friend of mine used to work for Michael Lee-Chin (#12); and he actually knew him personally, back when he was just a man with a dream in his heart, stars in his eyes...

...and millions of dollars in his bank account.

...the Aspers of WPG....are worth a few billion....they are also CFL fanatics....however they love the Bombers.....BUT ..were rumoured to be interested in the Gades at one time.....They have said lately though....that they only want to see Winnipeg be as successful as possible and a NEW facility I think the gades are off of their radar screen....for now... :idea:

which one of these guys are close to Ottawa?

Michael Lee-Chin 53 2.4 Canada Canada , Burlington
377 Daryl Katz 42 1.5 Canada Canada , Edmonton
205 Charles Bronfman 72 2.5 Canada Canada , Montreal
216 Paul Desmarais 77 2.4 Canada Canada , Montreal
514 Stephen Jarislowsky 78 1.1 Canada Canada , Montreal
514 Guy Laliberte 44 1.1 Canada Canada , Montreal
472 Harrison McCain 76 1.2 Canada Canada , New Brunswick
342 Emanuele (Lino) Saputo & family 67 1.7 Canada Canada , Quebec
406 Jean Coutu 76 1.4 Canada Canada , Quebec
124 James, Arthur & John Irving -- 3.8 Canada Canada , Saint John
15 Kenneth Thomson & family 80 17.2 Canada Canada , Toronto
44 Galen Weston & family 63 7.7 Canada Canada , Toronto
159 Bernard (Barry) Sherman 62 3.0 Canada Canada , Toronto
342 Edward Rogers 70 1.7 Canada Canada , Toronto
377 Wallace McCain 74 1.5 Canada Canada , Toronto
94 Jim Pattison 75 4.6 Canada Canada , Vancouver

Heres the Canadian Billionares. Heres where I got it form:

[url=] ... 2=category[/url]

too bad a few off the millions the liberals spent on their friends didn't fall to the feet of the cfl and gades. or how bout we scrap the gun registry that cost billions accomplishes nothing and throw the money at a national historical symbol called the cfl. at least we would get entertainment value. mr martin could buy the team and hold training camp in the bahamas. or how bout this idea. harper was wanting renos done to the pm palace on sussex before moving in. how bout we tear it down and build a new stadium/pm house multiplex. that would get the fans out... can't you hear it. tailgate party at the pm's house, game to follow. post game drinks and political discussion. this could be the next step in democracy. and to increase voter turnout instead of buying a ticket you just need to cast your ballot to get in. so much potential, i can't believe no one has thought of this. even better... under one side of the stands the pm could live and under the other the leader of the opposition. then everyone could buy tickets on their based on their political veiws. each game could be like a referendum. it could be bad if everyone was on one side with the other empty except for some lonely politician waving their flag.

i was considering my previous post. if the gun registry billions had been spent entirely on the cfl we would have enough money to buy any nfl player we wanted. Do you think the americans would consider that an act of war and retaliate?? just a thought. even if we just stole their top 40 players or so.

the americans would probably see that as a subsidy and try to slap a tariff on import players.......:slight_smile:

lol. Wouldn't surprise me.