isn't there more pics of Winnipeg??? HUH?

ok, this has been bugging me for a while and I have to say it

but why can't the mates who made this site find one more pic of WPG to fill the last spot in the pics section?

it's make WPG look like crack compair to Toronto


Granted they could have put some better pics up, the one at the Forks(#5) could have been better, like showing the actual meeting of the Red and Assinaboine rivers with scenery, instead of an outdoor patio. What about the Golden Boy, or Union Station, Assinaboine Park, Assinaboine Forest, The lakes at Fort Whyte Centre, The strange abundance of farmers fields in a city this big…etc…etc., there is so many they could have chose, well at least maybe Saffron’s will get more business :stuck_out_tongue:

they should get a city night look with all the lights, i think that would be cool.

I have a great one of Winnipeg during the winter time, that would look good eh?

Jeez, that just p****** me off so much.

Breaking news! Winnipeg is a crack compaired to Toronto

.......compared to Toronto....Wpg. looks good anytime....rain ..snow...or shine... :wink:

nah, Winnipeg has it's advatages, it's not too big, not to small, just right!

and if I ever wake up in a depression and realise the pain and meaningless of my pitiful life, at least I can take some comfit in knowing that other there in this crazy world of ours, there is still a little place called....


I SAY W, I, N, N, ........... IPEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go jets

pretty cheesie on the pictures for looks like they just used whatever old postcards they had kicking around city should send them some your pics kanga, they need them........

I do that.

for the magical far away place, where the snow is always falling, the mosiquites are always biting, and the air smells like beer, and the Towels are OH SO FUFFLY!!! where the Eskimos and the Indians sing songs togerther, and anybody in the steert would galdy shave your back for a LOONIE!!! (inhails) WAKAA WAKAA DO DO YA!!!