Isn't "B.C. Place" an uncreative stadium name?

It doesn't seem particularly creative to me.

Perhaps you could name it after a successful former player or coach.

I'm not as familiar with B.C.'s history as, say Hamilton's.

If you named it after someone, who would be a good choice for your franchise?

If Dickenson doesn't get hurt, you could have a successful year.

At one time they considered the name 'Terry Fox Stadium' .... but instead have a Shrine to Terry just outside the Dome (aka 'The Dump')

The name originates from EXPO 86 where various locations were "Places/Plazas"

I doubt they will do a name change .... the status of the Dome post 2010 Olympics is ... uncertain

I guess a corporation can buy the naming rights, that's always a good opinion of a team to get some money, and maybe fix the place (no pin intendent) up a bit.

I agree but it is preety easy to rember

A group of paroled prisoners and ex-cons were going to buy it and re-name it.....are you ready....

The Con Dome

:lol: :lol:

How about they just tear the thing down and build another stadium with a capacity of 50,000 expandable for Grey Cups with a retractable roof and then they can name it whatever they want

Not for nothing but BC Place should have carried the name "Empire" but that's just me. I don't want to confuse people in thinking that bc place is any better than empire but to pay honor to it much like a man names his first born son after himself.

Great idea Teeth. Maybe they should call it Empire Stadium because we all know that was the best football stadium BC has ever seen

Maybe the whole world...???

I am soooo sick of everyone complaining about BC place one way or another! Let us just appreciate what we have! BC place name is very good and I really hate it when they put a corporation name on buildings (the Telus Science world!!) Are you kidding me??? Why name it anything but (BC place)… A place for all BC fans!!

I am also sooo sick of people and media in particular who keep on implying that the BC lions might not be there after 2010. They go crazy and blow things way out of proportion!!!

And, I think that tearing up the stadium then building another one on top of it is STUPID!! Anyone who knows anything about architecture knows that it is way cheaper to just change the roof/renovate than changing the whole thing… So please, stop complaining of BC place!! Be proud of it! We are lucky to have it…

I agree. Nothing wrong with BC place. I much prefer that vanilla name rather than selling the name to some corporation for 10 or 20 years. Its like the Mastercard advertisement - priceless.

I agree not giving the name to any company would be great but unfortunately we cannot ignore the possible revenue that might come in as a result. BC Place and the Lions are a business first and foremost, so looking for revenue anywhere and everywhere is a must. As far as the
Lions leaving after 2010; again not likely however the dome sits on 10 acres of prime real estate and could be a huge winfall for the provincial government. If that occurs then the Lions would need a new home. As for the roof, if you were to look up new stadium construction in the last 10 years you would see that permanent roofs account from a third to half the total construction costs. (See Safeco Field in Seattle). So just building a new roof not as easy as people think

The name sounds odd because it's actually called BC Place Stadium.

BC Place refers to the large downtown development of bldgs, parks, theatres, ect. on the old Expo 86 site. Also home of BC Place Stadium.

The stadium at BC Place was probably the first domed stadium in the world, (certainly in N.A.) which did not contain "dome" in its title...i.e. Kingdome, Skydome, Metrodome, Alamodome, ect.

How about the suicidal fan dome. Your lions will be stinking up the league soon enough. I'd worry less about the name and more about the team that plays inside.

Have any of you played in BC Place? Have any of you watched a game in there. I could be picky but the lights feel like they are draining the life out of my body and the dirty a#% roof is always great to look at. For the comment about it being cheaper to renovate it rather than build new the answer to that is quite the opposite. When you take into account all the upgrades that are needed the cost are alomost equal. If you don’t believe me we’ll call the Edmonton Oilers up and check with them. Teeth out. :smiley:

Why not call it Lion Stadium?


....hopefully you've had a chance ot settle down....that was scary girl....

.....o.k., I actually know quite a bit about big construction and while I am not an architect I know enough about the field that I choose not to get into it too deep.....not enough money the case of BC Place it is not easier to renovate it or just change the roof......cripes, we are not talking changing the paint here....the air-supported roof can be removed easily enough, but the ring-beam structure supporting the roof is built to withstand it's own dead loads and the live/dead load of the inflated roof pulling it in towards the centre of the arena...a new retractable roof would reverse those loads and you would have a dead load of the new roof pushing the ring beam out, something it was not designed for.....the cost to stabilize the ring beam with a buttress type secondary structure surrounding the stadium would be about as much to start from scratch with a new stadium (considering the land costs to site the new structure, in some of the most expensive land in all of Canada).....

Since the Leo's do not own BC Place, they would not likely get much of the revenue from a name change.

Football is only one of many events that happen in the facility. I would doubt it they get 25% of their revenue from football.

and the team owning the place is a wield concept in Canada, I have read.

WTF is wield?