Ismael Bamba

Looks like the Als are the fourth team to get onto the Bambacycle... :roll:

I played minor baseball with his bro, hes a good kid. We lack Canadian talent at receiver maybe he will bloom with us!

I believe he wore number 85 at practice today which apparently was his number with his former team. Guess he can thank Bratton for not catching that pass in the east final.

Stewart wore double zero. Deslauriers jokingly said he'd give up his number for some 10 grand. at least, it SOUNDED like he was joking. :expressionless:

as for Hawkins just more info coming out that he really was a 'trou de cul'. guess it's to the als credit (or discredit) they kept it under wraps so long.

Neiswander and Marsh were just bomb passing away. Senior may get his wish of seeing AC pulled after all.

and purple really doesn't suit herb as a shirt color.

I would not be surprised if Hawkins wanted to be fired. Maybe it wasn't what he was hoping for and he figured if he pissed the Als enough they would let him go. I mean 750k on top of what he's already made should allow him to run with bulls for quite a long time.

Bamba at one time was a highly rated receiver prospect with good speed. But I believe there were some character issues.

However listening to his website interview today he seems like a serious guy willing to learn.

See Als website, they just signed former Heisman QB Troy Smith. I can’t buy that Hawkins wanted to get fired. I’ve worked in the mental health for years and,this was not at all my impression re all I have read and seen re Hawkins.Bamba was a noted receiver in the CIS, I believe this could be a good move,

Bamba was once a highly tauted draft pick who slipped way down the bored when the Riders finally drafted him. Spent the year on the PR and seemed to have some growing up to do.
Signing with Edmonton probably not a good fit already having 3 young Canadian receivers they are building on.
Some stability and Deslaures may not have to sell his number to Stewart.
Coming into Riders Camp Bamba seemed to have the right attitude looking forward to using his speed on special teams as a possible return man or gunner on coverage teams.
If he can give the special teams a boost from his non import roster spot only his second CFL season if he can prove to at least be able to be able to get seperation as a rec or help stretch defenses allowing Bruce to move to the SB on 5 rec sets he cannot be any worse than Deslares

Actually he's one of the few guys who can be worst than Deslauriers, sadly.

Then he's got awesome potential! :smiley:

Nicely Done ! PHil! :lol:

You may be right but who knows he was so highly ramked at one point then fell off.
Still wondering to see if someone will give Quincy Hurst a shot. Seemed like a good prospect who the Argos began talking highlyof as a special teamer returner or Gunner and able to get seperation as a receiver.
Durie has turned to a top Canadian Receiver. Watt and Bradwell both had a strong second half and are getting better the kid from Laval is the other Canadian receiver they are high on and that speedy safety from the Calgary colts gets down field fast as anyone and makes plays on coverage teams.
With Bamba finishing hi University carrier at Sherby certaily a local connection but is he better than Hurst

Got kicked off his NCAA squad at North Dakota, then had terrible ecamp, then played hardball with Saskatchewan, got cut then got cut by the Eskimos. He's the textbook of what happens "When you think your sheeat don't stink".

Haha also in the only game that he got to dress for on the roster he forgot his ID to get on the plane to Vancouver and had to drive to BC Place with the equipment truck.
Edmonton already has 3 former first round picks at receiver who they are still working with so no room for Bamba their. Evetually someone will have to take Deslaures spot one of these days. I am still at a loss for why he is still kept around he is not even a good special teams player or downfiled blocker

Calling Jack! :smiley:

Oh Shiat !