Islamic terrorist attack outside Commonwealth Last Night

Woke up to this news this morning:

Hopefully the five Edmontonians will recover.

How is this a non story in this country??? I know it must have been police officers brutalizing brown people....

Yes wonder if these victims attended the game?

According to British and American media one of the Islamic Terrorist attacked police officers to prevent their response, while another Islamic Terrorist plowed through people walking the sidewalks in a rented U-Haul. ISIS flag was found with the terrorists... You scan the Canadian media this is a non story. This is Orwellian, or maybe they are trying to cover up some of these terrorists are Trudeau's refugees.

Umm - It's the lead story on CBC News website.

Really? Cause on my CBC page the leading story is this:

“Ivanka Trump the real first Lady?”

Not sure why you are seeing that. This is what CBC News - Latest Canada, World, Entertainment and Business News home page has looked like everytime I logged into it this morning.

I have yet to see an article that uses the word Islamic

My top story is something about polar bears

I didn't know polar bears were of the Muslim persuasion.

Kidding aside, if you guys want to attack any religion, it better not be Islam. It's not in vogue these days....You might like to try Christianity. It's a popular fad today. Go ahead , fire away. Enjoy !

I'm attacking Islamic terrorism, not the relgion. No mention of it anywhere in Canadian media but every other countries media is reporting and showing photographs of the ISIS flags pulled out of the car by the cops. Journalism is dead.

I noticed it was the lead story on the CTV news network this morning with extensive coverage.

That's the one I'm getting now too. Earlier it was some kind of propaganda hit piece on Trump about his daughter like most days.

Trudeau can’t bring himself to calling it an ISIS inspired Islamic Terrorist attack. Unreal.

Why are guys here intent on using this story as a CBC bashing and blowing their dog whistle for like minded folks to join them in their vitriol?
This guy hfxtc's racism is on full display on the montreal site accusing the gm of racism for replacing white players with black players. Now he's blaming refugees for this.

For reality's sake CBC has been all over this attack since the middleof the night.

How does pointing out racism make one a racist?

Hfxtc is not lets stop this right here and now