Isaac visiting on Labour Day?

Right now the forecast for Labour Day Monday is 80% chance of rain.

Argos aren't the only thing that suck!

arghh! :x

this calls for a Bud Lite!

that forecast will change about 80 times between now and then...

You're right.

Down to 70% chance now.

1 down, 79 more changes to go! :wink:

8) down to 40% chance of isolated showers !!

And 26 degrees with a humidex of 33!

5 days to go! Can't wait!

Cya Isaac!

Now it's 30% chance with a high of 27, humidex of 36!

Gonna be a scorcher.


8) According to Meteorolgist, Harold Hussein, any rain we do get on Monday, will not be until evening time now. :D

Yes, it will rain on the A**o parade home on the QEW!!

great advert. :thup:

.......and it's nothing to do with Isaac. Isaac will have died south of the US border

its pretty much dead now ..... just a rain system

Keeps getting better

Down to 20% pop, 28 degrees, 35 humidex.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!