Is your team 'together' right now?......

Or maybe they've been reading Kanga's posts and think they don't need training camp! :shock:

Your right sportsmen they really do not need a training camp they are going to win the Grey Cup! That is a given right Piggy!

Nothing is a given RW05, if it was then the Al's would win the cup every year... :wink:

The Bombers have a fan fun day a few weeks after the start of the season, I think.... It's nothing like Calgary though...

It's about time we had a real training camp..competition for key starting jobs, been a few years since we had the likes of Smith vs Roberts, Warner vs Canada..bring what u got...kind of camp...Bomber fans know, nothing comes easy in the CFL, we paid our dues......time to make things right..Go Bombers

Pegger they should do it before TC it sure is fun and wow they got 5000 this year.

I agree this time have a training camp!

I think a key for any of the teams to be really sucessful this yr is
going to be getting off to a good start. With the upgrades ive seen by
all the teams, parity is going to be at an all time high.

Teams with alot of changes better bond quickly or you may be eating dust
all year. Starting off cold and picking it up halfway through the yr could see
you being a bystander come playoff time.

rookie camp starts tomorrow I believe and TC opens on the weekend.......Roberts is getting married and will be late and Hebert.......who knows......the rest of the squad should all be there except for maybe T and Crumb who will both probably hangem up.......