Is your team 'together' right now?......

......this past Saturday the Stampeders held their annual Fan Fest taking up a major portion of the parking lot in front of McMahon ('cause the field is getting redone) for people to come and meet the players/coaches/mgmt and enjoy some tailgating, games and air-inflated obstacle course play structures for the kids, etc......a way to kick off the season with the players personally accessible to the fans for autographs, photos and even to chuck a ball around with.....then yesterday they had a chariity softball game, offense vs. the defense, in the Burns Baseball park next to McMahon.......these team building events are I would imagine pretty crucial to the chemistry of the club.......

.....are there similar events being held by the other teams?....

If the riders had one of those you would have to pay $10 to get in.......

Don’t looknow but Winnipegger and Yogi is reporting this to the CFLPA because they think this is illegal and could give an unfair advantage to the Stamps.

In Montreal, the training camp for rookies starts May 18. The Vets join in on the 20th. And the 21st, its a day for the fans. You can watch the players train from 8:00 am to noon, and then, you can barbecue, drink, chat with them. Have them to sign autographs... take pictures, etc. A nice day in the sun. I'll try to go and finally meet Anwar Stewart, who left the locker room two minutes before I got to him on the December fans day in Montreal.

#rd and 10 the Stamps do that as well on May 21 so they do the half day seesion Womens day teaching women about football, Fan Fest the eleventh year for this where they have this for fans and kids to meet players race and play catch with the players. The the first day of training camp where they have a barbeque etc.

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The Lions have always had (in the past) an open scrimmage where they players meet the fans and sign autographs for the kids....I'm assuming it will continue.

Was that "teaching" or "teasing" ?

Think Kanga, hijacked his Sign-in?

Nah - there were too many correctly spelled everyday words in rw05's post.....

and it made sense

Eskimos have a "fan fun day" ( think thats what its called) either this weekend or next, can't remember.

our team wont even be together when training camp opens........but long as they show up for the season opener and kick some alouetta a$$.......


Wasnt that weird how they lined up for that softball game??? Ive never
seen deep passes and and running plays in a softball game before.

And why were Buratto and Higgins carrying around whistles??

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Eskylo I like that long Bomber to centre field Burris to Rambo!

Get use to it rw2005.

New turf, new attitude, new outcome!!!! LMAO

Bombers are ready and are going to go far this season, just like Big Willy Hung!!!

.....maybe stay away from the "Big Willy Hung" sounds like, uh.....something else.....not music-related..... can they be ready KK?, according to piggy they aren't even in town yet......

Really? Lions rookies arrive on Thursday for training Camp. Veterans report on the weekend. I thought most camps would be under way this weekend.

.......maybe piggy was just joking......