Is your area covered by TiCat marketing?..state your case

Marketing ‘pros’ routinely get feedback from the consumer. It’s called a focus group.

The CFL is still a grass roots league. Reaching outside Hamilton is challenging, but I’m not convinced local newspapers are the way to go. Leveraging the existing fan to uncover new ones could be done with discounts or other incentives in a ‘bring a fan’ promotion.

Growing up in London, my dad was typical I think of many outside the immediate area of Hamilton. Hockey, NHL was his thing first and OHL London Knights , then baseball MLB Detroit Tigers close second, NFL third, CFL way, way down thought of it as not worth his time since it wasn't "the big NFL" and had these weird Canadian rules - I mean why would Canada have different rules than the NFL was his thinking - never took me to a game in Hamilton even though he knew I really liked it. Basketball and soccer didn't exist for him. Typical I think for someone in southern Ontario, not Hamilton, who would have been about 88 years old now. RIP dad, you were a great father even though we had our differences.

Discussing anything related to the Ti-Cats is always fun, of course. That’s what this board is for.

But if you want to " remind the Tiger-Cat marketing department of certain areas outside of Hamilton that are great pools of potential Ticats fans and need to be marketed to by various methods." then I think you should call or email the marketing people themselves. Here’s a link to their names and email addresses:

I’m curious as to what there repsonse would be.

I thought the Tiger Town visits the Cats did last offseason was a great idea. They visited St. Catharines, Burlington, Guelph and Brantford. TiCats TV covered them and they had players and management visit schools, hospitals and the local Boston Pizza. My family went to the one in Brantford and had a great time. While I enjoyed talking to Obie and some of the players my kids loved the cheerleaders and Stripes. The kids now love the Tiger Cats and are asking me to take them to see some games.

In Brantford there has been Tiger Cats and CFL billboards at various times and they have made visits with players and the Grey Cup occassionally. You are right though, it's going to take a long and consistent effort to gain loyal Tiger Cat and CFL fans. My Brother-in-law is about 15 years younger than me and it took him a lot of convincing that the CFL is not bush league but in fact has great atheletes and is an entertaining game before he would go to a game with me. I think it has to do with the attitude that other than hockey, if it is Canadian it must be inferior, that kind of attitude won't be changed overnight.

The Tiger Town road trip was fun and hopefully we'll see it again this year.

Brantford should be a rich market for the Cats. It would be great to see a Greyhound shuttle. Making that work would be a real coup for the marketing department.