Is your area covered by TiCat marketing?..state your case

I think this is a great time of year to remind the Tiger-Cat marketing department of certain areas outside of Hamilton that are great pools of potential Ticats fans and need to be marketed to by various methods.

If you are from an area outside of Hamilton that you feel the Ticats could benefit from reaching out to, let 'er fly, and include some links to local newspapers etc. that the Ticats could take advantage of because of relatively affordable advertising.

I'm partial to Caledonia, Hagersville, Dunnville, Cayuga, Jarvis, Port Dover, Six Nations Reserve and New Credit Reserve and I need to see people from all these areas come to Ticats games and be great fans.

Here is my list of potential advertising opportunities in my preferred area.

Well, there's a start. Any additions from your particular area?

I think the CFL is a little bit different than going to these different cities and marketing.

You have to be born watching and growing up in the CFL. I talk to people from Brantford and they don't understand the Ticats. They see the CFL as a second class citizen to the NFL.

The CFL is tough to market. Someone who is an NFL fan and has never taken interest in the Cats isn't all of a sudden going to start going to games because of a marketing campaign.

The marketing campaign is to make people aware of your product. The first step is to get people to know when the games are on TV. That's the problem NASCAR has in my opinion. A race is advertised for 2pm and it doesn't start until 4:45.

The Cats tried for years to attract people from St. Catharines when they had camp at Brock. It alienated most of their fan base because they couldn't see them practise.

The Cats are Hamilton. We would like to see people from Brantford, Caledonia, St. Catharines, etc, come in for games but it's tough because of the economy and the drive.

The thing that the Cats should be focused on it filling IWS. With a solid product, you are going to see a close to capacity crowd game in, game out.

Marketing is such a hard thing nowadays. Less people are reading a paper.

To be 100% honest, if people are interested in you, they will find you, whether is be through the website, word of mouth or a marketing campaign. The CFL is unique with a small fan base. I think that is the thing about the CFL. It's not over marketed like the NFL, it's not in your face. It's there and it has a cult like following. It's a super small league, but it's our league.

I liken the CFL to music. There are some artists that you really like but aren't that well known and they play smaller venues and have a cult like following. Then all of a sudden, they have a monster hit or album then boom, they are playing arenas and world tours. You see so many people get on the band wagon when you know that you were a fan from the beginning. That is the CFL, a small, club playing band with a few minor hit songs with a cult like following.

Well, there’s about 500,000 potential Ti-Cats fans available at dirt-cheap advertising rates already.

Thanks “tc23” for your contribution/addition.

Maybe this discussion can be -stickied- by the moderators. I’m a die-hard believer in local marketing straight to the potential customer. Most of these local publications go right into the people’s mail boxes every week without subscription. Follow up with some local appearances at events by Stripes, some Ticats Cheerleaders and some players and it’s Gold!

There is absolutely NOTHING in Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge or Guelph. That's over 500,000 right there.

Throw in some links for local newspapers will ya!.

I agree with you! It’s an awesome market and so accessible by the 401, Hwy 8 and Hwy 6

The potential to market the Tiger-Cats in Southern Ontario is HUGH ! If you look at the Toronto Maple Leafs, theres merchandise everywhere you look. The Tiger-Cats have to market the brand everywhere, just recently i noticed Tiger-Cat merchandise at Zellers and Wall-mart, excellent start. During the Christmas i could not find ticats merchandise anywhere except the Tigertown store, a missed oppurtunity.
Little things like gift cards at Avondale, the Blue Jays have reloaded cards you can purchase for tickets or merchandise, excellent idea.
The potential is endless, the brand is there, it has to be capitalized!!!

A little bit off topic, but kind of related.

I live in Burlington now but when I lived in Hamilton I always thought the Cats did a pretty poor job of marketing in Burlington. I'm starting to change my thinking a bit. When I signed my kid up for football a few weeks back, a couple of guys were at the registration with the Grey Cup - pretty cool for the kids and for me. The Cats are a sponsor of my son's soccer league, and he got to play soccer at one of the Cats halftime shows last year - a big thrill for him and fun for the grandparents/aunts, uncles and cousins that were there. Not the expensive, big media ad campaigns people generally think of when they think of marketing, but I'm not sure that works for a league like the CFL in a market as media-fragmented as this one. The core sports fan has already made up their mind about the CFL. The smaller, community-level gestures get a few hundred new people in the ballpark each week and, if the product is worthwhile, maybe some will come back.

Another thing - I hadn't renewed my season tickets and was seriously considering taking a year off. My rep hand-delivered a personalized letter to my house on Friday - I renewed today and added a ticket. Good work Ticats.

Awesome, great storey, Good job ticats. :thup:

If you want to tell the Tiger-Cats how to market themselves, there are better places to do it than this board, that's for sure.

It's weird, people say they don't know of the Ticats in Hamilton if they live in Brantford. What, don't they watch TSN or sports highlights on the sports channels? You'd have to be a hermit not to know. I can see if they say they aren't interested in the CFL just like I'm not interested in say the NBA or MLS or whatever. Sure the NFL is marketed more but the CFL is pretty in-your-face right now if you follow sports at all.

It's like the climbing gym in Hamilton we used to go to, the guy never advertised, it was basically all word of mouth, and the guy runs a successful gym. How much advertising is really needed?

I agree, people will seek out something they think they might like. I think a large part of it is people are just happy with the NFL and don't need much else in their lives football wise. They know perfectly well about the CFL I think. Also, a lot of people in this country could care less about any Canadianism connection with sports and how this could be a catalyst for them to watch something Canadian, they just don't care, they live in Canada but basically that's where it starts and ends in their minds, no other connection, well except when they need cheap health care and any government handouts, then of course they are Canadian all the way, as they say.

Growing up in London as a kid, I followed the CFL quite closely and it wasn't that difficult, believe me. If you've got a TV that is. :wink:

I just think it's more a choice of people to not think about the CFL or TiCats even though they know exactly about the league and this team. And, as I say, that can be said for anything that we have decided in some way in our minds not to follow as we've decided we don't have an interest in this or that even though it's on the news all the time. Keep wearing your TiCats or CFL hat, coat etc. as much as possible, I try to do this so people see it in the grocery store etc. It's like a bond when I'm shopping and I walk by someone else wearing a TiCats or CFL this or that, a connection, it's cool actually, like a cult following as Tiger Dirt above said. Not part of the ordinary joe masses out there.


I would argue that this is one of the primary benefits of the TSN exclusivity agreement. I've seen much more CFL coverage on Sportscenter, and placed at higher priority slots. If its a TSN property with good ratings, they'll work to promote it more - especially if they alone control it.

True enough gogo, just like Rogers/Sportsnet does with their Jays.

Yeah, I must say, I think the Cats do a pretty good job of this kind of stuff. I've been involved in a couple sports marketing jobs, and the teams I worked with just couldn't pull off some of the stuff the Cats do. Despite the onfield performance, and the relatively short period of time, I think they've made huuuuge strides in reconnecting with communities. The street banners alone were a pretty big step.

On the idea note....similar to the soccer idea, I'm wondering if there's an opportunity for an Ontario Lacrosse Association night or something. Those teams would all be in season and perhaps it could be done in cooperation with the Hamilton Bengals -- help them move some tickets of their own. And at the same time, some kind of 'Lacrosse appreciation' theme could go a long way in reaching some of the hotbed markets like St. Kitts/ Niagara and Six Nations/ Branford.

The ticats and bills are supposed to be working together to some extent now to cross promote or something arent they? I havent really heard or seen anything much more about it since bob said he was going to work with them towards some sort of marketing thing. anyone hear anything more on it?

If attracting new fans outside of Hamilton is the goal then I suggest emphasizing the 'game day experience'. The KW-Guelph area is over an hour drive one way. To get someone to regard that as worthwhile they are either big football fans or see added value. Saturday game marketing at families should include kids events prior to the game. Friday nights could be 'date night'. This tough economy could actually be a good thing for the CFL as tickets are still quite affordable for most people. If the annual cottage rental, Caribbean vacation, or other big ticket item can't be justified in a tough year then maybe a TiCat game would be a nice substitute.

No, that's not it at all.

There are a lot of weekly regional papers and news websites all throughout the Golden Horseshoe that the marketing people wouldn't necessarily know about. I'm sure all of us want to see a full house at all Ticats games and with people from all over.

at the end of the day, it's only some harmless ideas. I'm sure the Ticats don't take offense at people offering their ideas and thoughts.

Agreed. Long before Young ever entered the picture the magic answer for some to getting people to come was to go outside of Ham. but could never seem to get enough people from Hamilton itself and probably still dont.
Like charity, marketing begins at home
and I'm sure Young's boys have examined it inside and out . They are the pros let them do it.

Yes Beetle, I also have been wondering about the Cats and Bills comarketing that I thought was supposed to happen. Maybe off the table now, I don't know?

What do the Cats have to do though to get "outsiders" to come to the games?

Do they need to organize bus trips? Offer discounts? Play an exhibition game in a local university stadium?

It's one thing to have these people know the cats but it's another thing to get them to the games. It's tough selling a team that hasn't made the playoffs in a while and also have a questionable year coming up as well.

It's easy to sell when you are winning, ask SSK but with the tough economy and job loss, can we really expect people to fork over money to see a .500 team?

I think it's totally different if you have grown up with the cats, honestly. It's tough to get that 30 or 40 or 50 year old who has been watching the NFL since he was a kid to get him/her interested in football. It's a very, very, very tough sell.