Is Warren finished

I saw on Sportsnet that Warren is not traveling with the team to Calgary. This doesn't surprise me considering his poor running game and that missed block against the Riders. Does this mean that he will be released? Who will replace Warren? Will it be Smith off the practice roster? Or are they bringing in another back? Personally I would like to see Joe Smith get a shot, he played O.K. in pre season and he did lead NFLE in rushing last year. That has to count for something.

Yeah, I'd like to see him get a shot too. Is he a power runner or is he a speed back?

Antonio Warren's missed blocking assignments have let the opposing defences to lay constant beatings on Dave Dickenson. If the guy can't get decent yardage on carries, then blocking is really important to the team. Good riddance to Antonio.

CKNW reported this morning that in fact it was Joe Smith taking over Warren's spot.

I look forward to seeing what Smith can do, he has some good size to him at 6-2 and 225lbs.I hope he gets a decent number of carries. Although I heard that at camp he wasn't a great blocker, hopefully he has worked on that aspect of his game.

Well, IMO, it's about time that Warren be given a wake-up call on his play.

Warren isnt finished, he just isnt that good.

I can't believe how you guys think Antonio Warren is finished. After all this young man has contributed to this team. He made a mistake and he used as a scapegoat for you @#$*% fickled fans. Look there's enough blame to go around starting at the TOP. So, lay off this young man, he's a baller and most of you wouldn't know what a baller looks like unless that person hit you upside the head with the dang ball.

f you think this is about one game, you're pretty blind. Warren hasn't performed in the last 13 games. He can't find holes, he gets knocked on his a$$ the moment he's touched by defenses...his play has become lacksadaisical.

Man, it's enough blame to go around and no I've not noticed that Warrent was the stand -out screw up on this team. Your leading QB sure has made big time mistakes and has showed his arrogance on top of it by throwing his helmet and acting a complete idoit in throwing crucial interceptions in the 4th quarter. It's not warren, he's doing his job. Well, I hope Wally cuts him and he can go to another team with a descent scheme and rip the hell out BC in the very near future. Man, the players on this team, don't stand a chance, with a coaching staff that constantly point the finger at their team, rather than take some responsibility for their own short comings. Peace out you guys.

The way Joe Smith played tonight in Calgary it does'nt look for Antonio. Way to go Lions always good to kick Stamp butt.

Joe Smith tonight proved that Warren is a big part of BC's problem offense. With Warren, we had no running game. With Joe Smith, the Leos gets 160+ yards rushing.

You want to say again that Warren isn't the problem?

:lol: What has he contributed to the Lions? Couple of decent season?

Hey Pokeys. Wasn't that just an awesome way for the Eskies to lose last night! I was still smiling this morning when I woke up. We may never see a play like that again with no time left on the clock when Stegall hauled that baby in. I just love to see the Eskies lose, especially like they did last night.

Truly a great play from a great player and person, Thats why we love Milt here in the Peg :slight_smile:. warren finished?........after watching mr. smith do his thing tonight I would have to say yes.....

Me too. Smith did tonight what Warren hasn't done for over a year.

Warren Finnished? well maybe in BC but he is still one great RB..I mean really... how many bar brawls has he been in? :wink:

....would Wally trade to a division rival though?....I dunno, what does Sask have in return to offer that BC needs?.....

Warren is not a great RB and never has been a great RB. Hes a decent american RB that has had a couple good seasons and those type of RB's come along everytime one is cut.