Is virtual reality in the CFL's future?

Noticed this article on Fox Sports about their plans to broadcast the MLS Cup in Virtual Reality.

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In my line of business a number of destinations and resorts have begun to roll out VR apps - so that potential clients/visitors can get a Virtual Reality view through various apps.

How long before it becomes a reality for all sports including the CFL?

It's definitely worth keeping an eye on.

I wonder how long this has been in the planning stages re: MLS Cup final.

With the VR broadcast being done by a US based network and the game being held in Canada it wouldn't effect the local market.

Granted the game sold out anyways but looking ahead applying this to regular season games, does this add to the home experience and become a deterrent for people going to games.

It's a continued challenge allot of sports league including the CFL becoming the victim of their own success so to say. A well paying sponsor - Audi in this case is a must.

Hell the CFL needs to worry about improving things right now, forget about Virtual reality.

Long long long way to go before they should even consider thinking about considering VR

The NFL has launched a series filmed in VR that can be watched in Google's Daydream..

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The NHL and Samsung Gear VR have already dabbled into it.

It is a very cool medium. Even using just VR apps on smartphones and sliding your phone into the cheap cardboard VR viewers is 'neat'. We were fooling around in the office last week with one of those and it was like you were actually at a beachfront resort in Jamaica. Move your head to the right there was the pool, look up the sky with some birds flying by, look to the left - the ocean, look down the sand of the beach and your feet (OK somebody else's feet).

There was also one with the view from a race car and moving your head would have you looking left, right, up into the crowd or even behind and the cars approaching from behind you.

Clearly it is the direction things seem to be going and it will be interesting to see what sort of things they can do with it on live sports in the future.