is ur kicker a god?

believe me, i abhore the stamps as much as the next guy, but i still feel obliged to revere what DeAngeles(sp?) pulled out of his ass last night: he's (gulp) the best kicker in the league

And thank goodness he signed a longer term contract! The guy is a booting god! :lol:

Congi > DeAngelis


Jeremy your always good for a laugh! :lol:

Actually he may be right ..only prob with Congi is he cant punt himself out of a wet paper bag :lol: But at least the Riders dont use up 2 players to do it..eventually in time he will get better punting

I agree DeAngelis is a great kicker and thank god that he has a long term contract with the stamps

"is ur kicker a god?"
Reminds me of Ghostbusters, when Zoul<sp?> asks them if they're Gods on top of that skyscraper and then when they say no she zaps them and Bill Murray yells at Dan Akroyd "When someone asks if you're a God.. you say YES!"

So in the spirit of Ghostbusters, yes, Weirdo87.. Sandro DeAngelis is a God.

Zap now you are the dough boy! :lol:

lol! But getting out of ghostbusters... I think quite a few of the kickers in the league this year are just doing fabulous! like sandro, congi, forgive me for forgetting this but montreal's, and i think prefontaine is doing well like always! and even paul is doing great! just an interesting year for sure!

I was actually surprised Sandro took a long contract considering he's on the rise. But that's all the better for the Stamps. As for the best kicker in the league, he's definitely up there with Prefontaine.