Is TSN's VOD gone?


Another thread on here mentioned the TSN Video on Demand (VOD) site and I was wondering if it was still around at all? Now when I look for it, I get taken to that lame Video Zone site that is just the highlights videos (basically all the videos you can get on the regular TSN site). Anyone know if the TSN VOD site is permanently gone? I really liked it. It was useful for when I missed games.

Still there. Video Channels/CFL/Games-On-Demand.

I watch it all the time when I'm out of the country

[url=] ... /video/379[/url]


It sucks that you have to risk seeing the scores the way this new site is set up but I'm glad it's still there.

Lets get this straight, uncltravlinmatt, I don’t appreciate name-calling PMs that berate me for not hand-feeding you as if you’re a two year old. I gave you the path to the on-demand videos. You should have thanked me for that. I don’t owe you squat.


What are you talking about? go to the link I posted above and it takes you straight to VOD and does not show the scores.
You must have clicked on the "highlights" not VOD

Apparently ol’ uncltravlinmatt needs to either get his glasses repaired or hire a 10 year old to surf the web for him. He should also stop drunk messaging.