...is Troy finally gone....

..TSN is reporting that Westwood has kicked his final game for the BigBlue....IF true ...It's so long Troy ..he had some good years..some bad...and a pretty good career in the CFL all in all...bring on Duncan O'Money i guess ....that's if he can find his way to the Peg this time... :roll: :roll: 8)

yes papa it is official, on the bombers home page and the cfl home page the both have the story of troy being released bu the bombers. He definately had a great career before starting to fall of pace the last few seasons, other then the lack of a gc he has had a hall of fame kicking career.

Unfortunately, never had a bad game against Montreal. :?

I almost feel bad for him on some level he's 41 years old and he still thinks there's a chance another team is going to want a look at him.

The love is gone.......Who will the Bomber faithful despise now?

not sure where you heard that but in his press conference he said he doubts any team is gonna want him…